Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday, August 29

Another hot day coming up! You can tell the heat by how flat the outside cats are! They lay flat out on the parking lot to stay cool. We have the fan going in the sunporch and the Fieldhouse and both fans on in the Cove. Even the horses have fans on at night.

Puzzone--what an ornery little girl. I don't think I saw her take a single nap yesterday--she was full out playing the entire day. I even saw her go up to Remison and gnaw on his back leg. He didn't seem to mind! 

Derecho is playing in the krinkle tunnel right now. Ginger is in there with him. Derecho's "back and forth" motion is making the tunnel really crinkle which adds to Ginger's silliness.

We had another adoption yesterday! Tillytoes went to her new home. She is a birthday gift for a little 5 year old girl. She was so excited to see all the kittens and cats and was so very sweet with all of them. I have a feeling that she and Tillytoes are going to be best friends!

BOX ALERT!  We will have BOXES at 5:30 tonight instead of 6:00. 

Many thanks to our PayPal donators--this helps us a lot.
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Kway
Vaunity S from PA--donation to be used for food or meds as needed
Laura H from WA--donation in memory of Homer the Blind wonder cat and inspiration
Lawrence G--donation for the rescue center
Jobear22--donation in honor of Hannah and sardine/anchovy event
Debra J--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fun, in honor of Homer the Blind Cat
Gusti--donation in honor of my brother's 77th birthday, for the dogs and farm animals
Jodi L from MN--in honor of Hannah and sardine/anchovy event
Diane /ruffles--donation for anchovy event--use for anything needed

The door was opened this morning to Cat's Corner Room. It's part of the next phase for the kittens that are in there. Kona,the littlest kitten, was the first one out! She is rapidly becoming a shoulder rider girl! Loves to be on anyone's shoulder. She knows how to tuck in close to the neck so she's safe. The kittens will go back in room though today for naps.

Merri is becoming a big "carry me around" girl. She loves to be toted around! I just love that. Jersey is doing good. We don't push him. We just want him to be happy at what ever level he decides to be at. 

Tabitha carefully, but purposefully got the roll of paper towels down again in the Kibby Kabana Room. She's figured out how to tip one side and out it pops. There must've been 30-40 sheets of paper towels on the floor, ripped up. She had lots of help doing this--another great toy, according to the kittens!

Catstock is coming up!  September 7th.  Next surgery date is September 21. Somewhere in September, we will also have another Day Sale and another afghan 24 hour sale.  These sales helps us with our general needs. I wanted to let you know that we ended up with $650 for the sardine/anchovy event! 

Wilson taking snackers ever so gently from Hannah's hand.