Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, August 12

Our Day Sale was fantastic! I thank all of the buyers, the lurkers, the participating people, the mods and the volunteers and the people who donated all the items. YOU are what made this possible. I am grateful and this was a much needed sale for FFRC. A big thanks to you all! 

We have already started packing items up, addressing them and getting them ready to send out. Our first pick up of these packages is scheduled for today. Each day we will work full speed-ahead on getting orders out. Keep an eye on your mailboxes! 

We had BOXES Saturday night. Thank you!
Connie M--2 cases of Friskies, one meaty bits and one filets
Suzanne C from FL--donation
Judeanlee/Phillip--Sunday visitors--3 gallons bleach, appetizers, Fancy Feast ( kitten and Fish & Shrimp) and 3 bags of dry cat adult food
Swan Kitty & Ron--Sunday visitors--litter, Halloween decorations, mugs/bowl (these will go in the store)
DebbiDear from CA--donation for sponsorship of Asha
Kate E from UK--donation to FFRC, in memory of Emaline
Deb M--donation in memory of sweet Emaline and to help sponsor Asha
Mitty208 from OH--donation in memory of Ema

Farrah is stretched out on my desk (she has had her meds this morning!). Mystika, Ratchet and Weeja are zipping thru the tunnel by my desk. Cutie has had major TLC already this morning. Derecho has been super cuddly this morning. Cozarelii is on his window ledge, watching the birds. Melia and Malia are sacked out together on the red poof, with Titoes and Whobe playing beside them. 

I must pass on to you our bit of sad news this morning. Right after breakfast time today, our little Dapper passed away. We've been keeping an eye on him, as he has not gained any weight or grown. Yesterday he decided to stop eating and refused to be syringe fed. Today he was very tired. He was held as he passed, truly breaking our hearts. Sometimes our sad news can be a bit overwhelming. We all mourn in our own ways. I always have to "go away" a little bit to regroup my thoughts. It may only be 15-20 minutes, but it helps me refocus. Again, I'll never not take anything in even when we know their lives are short. It's part of a rescue center. The least we can do is give them love, respect and a place to call home. Yes, it hurts terribly at these losses. For me, I just have to take a look around and know that there's more to do--get busy--love on these cats--find them homes--give them the best care possible, all in respect of those that have passed. We'll miss you, sweet Dapper.

Our new returnee, Waffle, is doing great. He's starting to eat now by himself. At first, he was terribly sad to have to be returned. But, he's giving us lots of love back to us now, so we know we're reaching him. He's in June's Room. Ming is sharing. Today you may see him out cruising a bit.

Tomorrow is the day Steve and I leave and will return on Thursday. During this time off, other than anything I need to take care of thru the moderators, I will not be doing e-mails or facebook! The mods know they can contact me with problems. I have a few people who are willing to help with things should the need arise at the rescue center. I'm looking forward to having some time off! The volunteers have it under control!

Doce is doing wonderful. He's on a 2 week "camp over" with Caryn and the girls. Bixley is also doing a campover this past weekend. He's with a volunteer having some fun! 

We had two adoptions on Saturday! Neko and Patches went to their new home together. I do believe they will be loved so much and be happy. Just what we want for our cats!

Update: Waffle is out and about and sitting on one of the kuranda towers, checking out the front office!

Mayor Anony just wanted to let you all know that he's got things under control out in the Cove. All is well.