Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday, August 3

Are we sure we're in August? It's cool, foggy and extremely raining. Not like our usual weather. There's 7 cats right now on the kitty ledge by the window overlooking a bird house with baby birds in it.These are the bird tweets you can hear on the cam. Very entertaining to the cats! There's not a spare inch left on the shelf! 

We had BOXES last night! Had a lot of help from the cats. Thank you all for your super wonderful support!
Coolbreeze/Tracey T from MD--card with note, boxes are in memory of her kitty Precious.  Sheba can food for Magenta, Sardines, mackerel, clams, doggie snackers, Whiskas packages, baby food for Dercho. For Merri and Jersey--10 cans of Fancy feast, appetizers and snackers. Eukanuba can food, toys, 2 afghans for the kitties, yellow butterfly mobile for butterfly room, sticky notes and paper plates. Tabbycatkid & Justme--250 apw print adoption bags! We love these
Susan 345--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Karen C from KS--card with donation, boxes for Asha, Pania, Bella, CH kitties and friends!  Blue soft kitty bed, catnip ball, toys, scratch board and a special care package, one for each of Barnies, Covies, Porchies and the Center cats!
Lucy P/Lulittle & Benny the cat, in UK--hand balm (good stuff!), cold pressed virgin coconut oil for kitties (wonderful for skin/fur)
Leggygal--12 cans of KMR
Glinda N from Canada--card, bib for Molly with name and cat on it, slumber pet warming bed for ffrc
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--a Happy 6th birthday card and donation for Hank!
Mike/Sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Rita SF/wiscatmom from WI--kitty card with donation, TY to Angie and Bill for their hospitality
Trudy S from OH--donation
Romeosmom from MO--pop tabs for Kellen and coupons
Carol N/ch1919--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Peggy & Bernie G from NY--a donation thru PayPal, in honor of Merri and Jersey

We took in a new kitten yesterday. He's a black/white kitten, about 8 weeks old, with the cutest face. He also has the worst case of cat lice I've ever seen in all these years. His name is George. He has the best purrer possible! George has already been given a special bath to kill the lice. After he was dried, a spray was also put on, just in ase any were missed. His fur is so rough, not soft at all, but that will improve. He's a sweet little guy. He's been tested and is negative for FIV and leukemia.

Good news for Anna Marie. She does NOT have lead poisoning! But, she does have Hemobart, which is now called Mycoplasma haemofelis. This is what has caused her to have low red blood cells and her anemia and high white blood cells. It's usually caused by the bite of a flea (another good reason to use flea prevention). It's a parasite of the blood. This was confirmed thru a blood smear at the college. It is treatable and she has already begun treatment of 3 weeks.  She's a doll!

The little 12 kittens, also known as the Dirty Dozen(!) are living up to their name! Oh my goodness, these kittens love to get in their formula. These are the kittens, if outdoors, would love the mud puddles and roll in the dirt! They are wonderful.

The floor guys were back yesterday. A slight change of plans. They ended up putting two different coats on yesterday with the final coat being applied this morning. Can't wait until it's done and we've moved back in. The cats really do miss their windows! 

Merri made her own mind up yesterday to let us know she was ready to come out of her room! She raised up, put her paws on the door and meooooowed real loud--she wanted out! So very nice to see. Jersey is also doing ever so little better--he takes baby steps compared to Merri, but he is progressing. He'll also be glad to have the Kabana Room open again.

The Catsparella kittens are simply awesome--each and every one of them. They're sweet, cute as can be and super ornery, yet loving every one that picks them up! 

We've been experimenting with the Kuranda Towers. You know how we pull everything out every day to sweep and mop under them The Kuranda Towers were hard to move. The company doesn't provide wheels, so Jimmy came up with a design and it works!! We put wheels on one tower about 2 weeks ago to try it out. It seems to be solid, so three more towers had their wheels put on yesterday. Sure does make it easier to clean! 

Yesterday I saw something that made me smile! Beartoe was sleepping on his tummy, Rufus was sleeping on top of him, sideways. Then Melia was sleeping on top of Rufus! They were sound asleep in kitty heaven! Three stacked kittens! So sweet.

Our wonderful Putter has these words to say: "The world could always use a little more gentleness". 

Judson--and yes, he's as ornery as he looks here!