Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday, August 1

Happy August--a very busy month for us. August 10th is our next Day Sale. August 17th is our next Surgery Day. The entire month will be full-speed ahead planning on the Catstock. 

Just got word this morning that the floor guys will be here. Remember when they put the floor in the Kitty Kabana Room and we had those horrible storms and the windows leaked which made for a wet floor? Well, the top layer of the new orange/yellow floor is coming up. I LOVE these floors--they are so so durable, but have to be dry to install. So....the guys are coming back (at their expense). The floor is a 6 layer deal. They will remove the top 4 layers and start over. The windows are of course fixed by now and no leaks at all, so all will be well. We just have to deal with a closed Kitty Kabana for a week. 

The college cats did not come back last night after all but they will return this morning. I'm anxious to hear about their visit and their reports. Initially, I do know that Dr. Don says that Anna Marie is totally blind and also has some hearing loss. Remember the BB I found in her forehead? We wanted x-rays to show if there were other BB's. Well, sadly, Dr. Don says she was pelleted full force with BB's. Many, many BB's. I'm at a loss for words as to why someone thought this was ok to do to this beautiful, loving cat. I will share the x-rays with you later. We're ready for our college cats to be returned!

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks is given--wonderful items, as always. 
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guiness--Happy Birthday card for the Paddy's with a note and a donation for something special for them!
Mayumi from Japan--Happy Birthday card with a hand drawn pic of Purr and Cakes with a note. Fish snacks for the Paddys
Carl/Twocatsdad from MI with Comet and Gizmo--Happy Birthday card for Purr and Cakes. Music box with 6 kittens on a piano that plays Happy Birthday! 2 cans of Kippers (used for breakfast today) and a bag of kitty snackers
Special Friend Hannah and her mom Jennifer from IN--For the Paddy's Birthday--a love chain, one for each of the Paddys! Sticker covered Birthday card whichplays Happy Birthday. For the boys: boomerange cat nip toy, case of Meow Mix cups, bag of dry food and 4 cat sip milk cartons
Dewitty/Chris--case of Fancy Feast sliced poultry & beef
Jatcat--15 of the KMR liquid cans for the kittnes
Wolfpatch--4 cases of KMR liquid for the kittens
Anonymous Friend--6 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten, 3 cases of CHicken Soup for the Kitten Lovers Soul wet food
Yellow Rose, Grumpy 10 from TX and Nan & Chuck F from Defiance--Day Visitors--assortment of kitty items and food.  Thanks, we enjoyed your visit!
Connie/warpedinMN--3 boxes FULL of items for the Day Sale--21 leggydew blankies, 50 sets of weaved coasters, 50 catnip pads, 6 lavender sachets (delicious smell!), 11 potato baker bagts, 2 small toes and 7 large totes--awesome items! Big time thanks for your generosity.

Catstock is September 7 The Carnival is from 1:00 to 4:15.  Then at 4:15 we will have a fun Horse Poo Giant Bingo! Buy a Bingo square, as many as you like. At 4:15, Wilson the horse, will have access to the Giant Bingo "Board". The first square that Wilson poos in,is the winner! It will be a 50/50 Bingo. 50% goes to FFRC, 50% is divided between however many people bought that square! Bingo tickets are $5 a square. Join the fun!

Some of the carnival games are: 
Swish in the Toilet                         Bow & Arrow game
Sack Hop with traffic signs             Plinko
Cornhole game                              Hula Hoop the Cat
Jumbo Ring Toss                          Target Bean Bag Rug
Flag Frisbee                                  Giant Dice Toss
Ring Toss                                      Washer Toss
Floating Duck Pond                       Cat Bean Toss
Treasure Dig Hunt                         Cat Can Pong

In addition, there will be these fun things: removable tattoos, face painting, mini tractor rides, Clown that makes balloon fun things, horse rides, cotton candy, theater popcorn

This is going to be a fun event.  We also have something else up our sleeve that will be fantastic, but waiting for a confirmation!