Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday, August 23

Tonight at 6 pm sharp, we start the 4-piece afghan auction! It'll run for 24 hours. The bidding takes place on facebook chatters. All 4 afghans are on display there. The bid starts at $0 and can be raised anywhere from $1 to $20. No more than $20 at a time though! On the facebook auction page, please only put bids--no comments. The bidding stops promptly at 6 pm on Saturday. We'll let you know the winners very soon after that!

On Sunday is Hannah Visits FFRC Day! She and her family will be here somewhere around noon. We'll close the door to visitors, to minimize incoming human germs. You all are "safe" out there in cam land! So, I hope you'll join us and finally meet our sweet Hannah! Judy S. is coming in the morning to make sure Hannah's 3 favorites are extra groomed--Putter, Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr. Here's a few FFRC sites you might want information from:

Good Search:
Two Loons:  

Spike is doing wonderful, although he does occasionally visits the door and wants out. He's really very good with all the other cats. Goose is filling out nicely and doesn't appear to be so skinny anymore--that's from good food! David Will and George's fur is becoming better/softer day by day. Remember, they were loaded with live lice. It sure stripes the fur and makes them feel very rough. Minutes after their arrival, those pesky lice bugs were dead. 

Anna Marie continues to do wonderful. She has two very favorite sleep areas. She is an amazing cat. Ming has been sharing his night time with Cozarelii. Ming has his super thick bedpad while Coz sleeps in one of the drawerbeds. 

Intrepid has getting so big. I believe if he grows into his feet, he's going to be a big boy! What a great fella he is. His circling patterns are now down to a minimum. Mystika is doing great--her head wounds are all now healed. 

Putter has his words of wisdom for today: "You can only sit on the fence for so long. Then make up your mind as to what you know you should do and follow thru with it. Don't be mislead by others, but search your heart to find yourself." 

If you are coming to Catstock and would like to help run a game for that afternoon, please e-mail me and let me know. You are not obligated to do this! Some people like to, others prefer to just hang out with everyone! 

Remember this? Catstock 2012! It's all about peace, love and cats!