Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday, August 10

Today is the Day Sale! Come join the fun at 11:00 am (FFRC time). We have lots and lots of things that are not in our website store to show you. Of course, no Day Sale is complete without our catnip mats and leggydew blankies. Payments can be thru PayPal, check or moneyorder. It's fun, fast and very helpful to the rescue center. We'll explain how it works at the beginning of the sale. You'll need to be signed on to "bid". All items have set prices. Come join the fun!

I'd like to say a special, heartfelt thanks to you all in the loss of Emaline. This is an especially hard loss, but then, they all are, aren't they. Your donations in memory of Emi, your kind words and thoughts, your facebook posts and pictures--all of it means a lot to me and I appreciate it. Please give all of your kitties and pets an extra good loving today. You never ever know what tomorrow may bring. I do believe one of Putter's most favorite thoughts is: "Don't hesitate to show affection to those you love".  

Big thanks to:
Helen M from UK--donation in memory of sweet Ema.
Jennifer S from Canada--donation to FFRC
Susan Hasse from IL--donation in memory of Emaline
Gusti from Germany--donation in memory of Emaline for Feliz Navidad Fund
Christine U--donation in memory of Emaline 
CaSandra H from IL--donation in memory of Sweet Ema
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC
Halosmom & dad from NY--donation in remembrance of sweet Emaline
Aunty Fi--donation in memory of dear Emaline
Susan G from NH--donation in memory of Emaline
Pat & Ellen from FL--donation in memory of Emaline
Renee C--donation in memory of dear Emaline
Sandra E--donation in memory of sweet Emaline
Theresa Echel from NC--in memory of sweet Emaline69
Sheila H--in memory of sweet Emaline
Judith M--in memory of dear Emaline

Jim and Kathy T have been sponsors of Emaline for a long time. They would like to pass on their sympathies in the loss of our girl. 

Thanks too to Cathy & Gary G and Jean B (Mary H Braid's family) for the A/D cans of critical care food.

We have our Petfinder Report.  The top 13 cats viewed were: Beartoe, Ginger, Bix, Tillytoe, Intrepid, AP, Kukster, Pumpkin, Archer, Bixley, Karena, Arden and Preakness.

Please know that we try to get every order that is sent from FFRC to be correct. I truly would appreciate if something arrives damaged or doesn't arrive, that you e-mail me. It's ok to do that--we WANT to be 100% correct on these orders. 

The kittens in the extended Thumper's Room are doing terrific. They're getting better at using their litterboxes. They are down on the floor all the time now, playing, running and getting into mischief. The two littlest ones are still in the front Thumper's Room. They are also doing good and like to get out to run and romp. All seem healthy and energetic and so sweet.

Merri and Jersey are improving in their braveness everyday. Jersey still has times when he gets so worried and scared, but he settles down fairly quickly. Merri loves to be petted--purrs and purrs. 

We have a cat that was returned. He is Waffle and a sweetie. He's 7 years old and has been with his family since a kitten. He's a big boy, brown tiger. Dodger's Pen is his temporary home until he feels comfortable being here. He's already asking to be petted and loved on. 

Ming is gaining weight! He's looking better in his own "ming-ness way". He's eating better and going potty like we need him to do so we don't worry about his colon. Ming has discovered the joy of playing. Yesterday he was batting at the bubbles from the bubble machine! 

Intrepid is sitting by my desk. He's all healed and will always do some twirly whirls occasionally, especially when he gets excited. Mystika's mouth is healed and looks good. Whobe is finally doing better too. Still a cough once in a while, but much better. Anna Marie has a friend--that would be Kiara. They like to nap together! 

On to the Day Sale! Have a wonderful weekend. Next week, Steve and I will be gone Tuesday, Weds, Thursday. Yeah--a mini-vacation! Happy birthday to my daughter, Dawn! 

Paddy Purr wanted to say HI!