Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday, July 18

Surgery day went well. We didn't have a lot of surgeries, but we sure did a lot of physicals! Here's how the day went.

The boys that were done: Merlyn, Titoes, Goose and David Will. Their physicals were good. All recovered from their drugs very quickly. Was so happy about Titoes. After having been so sick for so long, he did great and was actually the first one to recover!

We only had one spay and that was Mystika. What a nice kitten she is. Her physical was good too.

Neko had those extra, very strange toenails removed--1 from each polydactyl front foot. After seeing the development of these 2 toes, I was extra glad we decided to do this. They would've very likely caused him trouble as he grew. He and Patches will go back to their home today sometime.

Kukster had his pin in his femur removed. It was a fairly easy job to get it removed. Two staples were used to close the tiny incision, but Kukster has already removed them! The rascal--he didn't like them there. It's ok though--it's a very small incision. His physical was good also. 

Dr. Darcy did a lot of physicals. In this rundown, please know that a good physical means lungs are clear, heart sounds good, abdomen is normal, kidneys normal, eyes/ears/mouth/teeth normal, all seems well, is bright and alert.

Waffle--physical good, except needs a tooth removed and a little dental tartar removed (will schedule this)
Pania--had remaining eye checked--looks good, is non-seeing, but no need to remove
Whoebe--physical good, except for upper head congestion. Will add a 2nd antibiotic to his schedule. He purred for Dr. Darcy!
Anna Marie--looked at her x-rays and was quite astounded. Agreed that no need to remove any of these spheres. Also agreed that there is no sight and probably has some hearing loss. Neither of us feel 100% sure that we can call her a spayed cat, so will look into this on next surgery date. Pleased that she's gaining weight. Still has another week of meds to take.
Cozarelii--heart murmur still at 4-5/6. No problems because of this. Will keep track of.
Farrah--physical good. Still continue on her same seizure med schedule
Alaska--physical good
Ernest--physical good. Will probably lose a little weight with maybe being more active
Puzzone--physical good, slight head congestion, right eye is punctured and will need to be removed at time of her spay
Joline--no heart murmur!! Her stomatitis is to be carefully monitored.
Kiara--physical good
Magenta--physical good. Teeth look good this time (has very few teeth left though) Has one small kidney that's been like that for years
Ming--physical good, looks better! Quite impressed with his weight gain. Need to continue to keep track of his bowels/stool. Continue with his daily meds. Feels he's a "bit slow", but that's ok. Has diminished sight. Does hear. No spina bifada. Rear legs will always be as they are. Give an extra internal parasite med one time.
Octavia--physical good (we coaxed her with bonito worked!)
Preakness--physical good
Raza--physical good
Putter--physical good, seems to be slowing down. Has a pocket open where last canine tooth was removed. Will keep on antibiotics and add a second antibiotic, then probably schedule for surgery to fix this. At the same time, will do a flush of his nasal cavity. 

So, all in all, we had a good day. 

Melia--what a great tiger girl. She and her sister are both so friendly.