Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weds. August 7

We spent this morning catching up on treatments. We also got the treatment board caught up to date. A big job! Little Mystika is now one of the main area's rescue cats! All you have to do is look at her and she produces a purr. Her wounds are already healing on her face, from being tossed. 

We took in two new tiny little kittens yesterday. One of our volunteer's, Jackie S, brought them in. They were found, all alone, in the middle of a very rural road. One is black/white and the other is a muted torti. Very very cute and ever so sweet. Both are little girl kittens and quite the snugglebugs. They are getting syringe fed but they also are eating a tad bit by themselves. No names yet, but will use something off the Catathon names.

FFRC was interviewed for a local monthly magazine today. I believe it'll be out in October. The theme is all about spaying and neutering. A few of the kittens had their pictures taken--they smiled for the camera. 

We now have three Kuranda towers with wheels on them! It's ever so nice, as it sure makes it easier to clean under them. Roll them out, sweep/mop, roll them back in! No more lifting.

We're getting ready for the next Day Sale! All items (except the cat nip pads and the leggydews) will be items that are not in our website store! So, look for some interesting things! It starts at 11:00 am. It's totally done on the cam chat, so be sure you're signed in if you think you are interested. Payments can be by check or money order or PayPal. The ustream channel has been so much better lately, but in between the lots of items that we'll show you, remember to refresh often!

We had BOXES last night. YOU are appreciated!
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases of Tulle, chicken and king salmon cans and Chicken soup flavored with tiny shrimp and white fish and a little spoon! They will enjoy these items!
Michlynn from MI--card with note, washcloths and 4 stuffed cats shelf sitters (for Day Sale)
Jatcat--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitty can food
Mike/Sophieandlucysdad--day visitor yesterday--3 cases of a variety of can food (Sheba, Fancy Feast), 7 big bottles of Jergens Hand Lotion, 2 cases of Appetizers, big box full of cat snackers, 2 bags of Reese's PB cups, 2 bags of Dove candies, 6 containers of Berry, nut and morsels (from Mikes mom), 2 cases of Friskies and 2 cases of Sheba, Fancy Feast  
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--case of 6 inch paper plates, case of Friskies Pate, heated buddy toy for Jersey, Petstages Blinking Buddy toy, case of Fancy Feast and 7 lb bag of Purina One kitty
David/wolfpatch--3 boxes FULL of "prize toys" for Catstock carnival
Buddy the Cat and Mimi from FL--letter from Buddy, pop tabs for Kellen, appetizers, fancy feast with cheese, 2 giant heated water bowls, 2 cat dancers, ball, paper clips and lots of cans of fancy feast and appetizers
Wendi B/wendilin--LOTS of yarn, handmade curly kitty toys, a beautiful afghan, note pads, spools of ribbon, "Meow" picture frame, paw print material and pink and white polka dots materials for leggydews to be made from!
Ellen and Pat/furkitty and Cathouze--visitors--birthday paddy card and a Walmart gift card
Julie C/Auntie Julie--card for Magenta, Walmart gift card for Magenta and stamps
Beth--visitor--lots and lots of cans of Fancy Feast and Friskies
Aunty Fi--donation for a blankie to be given to Dee, a volunteer for her cats. She says Thank You!
Domingo F from Italy--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Zelda also wrote her very own letter to me, asking to be adopted. She also included a check to FFRC for an adoption fee. This is all money made by Zelda for Box sitting. If she is not to be adopted by myself, her check is to be used for FFRC. I've put a lot of thought into this. You all know that I love Zelda to pieces. But, I do still feel she might be able to find a home "out there". She's one of the nicest, most loviest cats anywhere. I think we'll give this some more time and see what happens. Wouldn't it be great to see her on her very own couch in her own home?!! Time will tell what will happen with Zelda and in the meantime, let's keep all fingers/paws crossed for her! I'll put her check in a safe spot for her!

Ming loves catnip toys! Ellen and Pat left him a catnip filled sock. He plays with it and tosses it up into the air and tries to catch it. It's so very nice to see him actually playing! He's a wonder-boy.

I am usually thinking on the upside of things, but I do want to let you all know that our dear sweet Emaline is not feeling so good these last 2 days. It's only been 5 days since her last injection and it's just not holding for her. Today, we started her on a medication to help with any discomfort until I get to talk to our vet again. She's getting lots of love, kisses and laptime. I also tell her, she's my velcro girl! 

Archer, Kenco and Theo are having a very serious race. They start in the Kabana Room, race into the front office and fling themselves onto the climbing pole. When someone reaches the top, that kitten starts scooting downward, so they all have to go down then. Back into the Kabana Room again to start over! I love to watch their thinking out these games that they do! 

Sheriff Putter says: "Being kind is more important than being important"! How so true. What a wise cat he is! 

Kukster looking so cute in his bow-tie!