Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday, August 13

The cats are crazy. The kittens are nuts. The blur that just ran by is Abbot. The kittens zipping from one room to the next are ALL of them! The kitten meowing while running the wheel is Kiko. There's 4 of them on the counter wanting more food. Walking is hazardous to our health as they run into our legs! Toby and Titoes are on my desk completely blocking the screen. Is it time for a vacation? YES!  We'll be back on Thursday......but I'm going to miss the cats (and volunteers) like crazy! 

We had BOXES last night. I'm so very grateful for your support.
Pat and Ellen (furkitty and cathouze)--large bag of PUrina One adult cat food, 1 pack of Fish Tiki cat food, big bucket of Tidy Cat litter
Widdletigger/elisabeth A--BIG bag of Bonito flakes (Octavia knows where it's at!), case of Meow Mix Cups and Chicken of the Sea Salmon--for Octavia's birthday. She's already grinning!
Kelly R--lots of kitty coupons, 2 cases of Appetisers, 2 cans of sardines, case of baby food, Purrfectly Chicken packets, Fancy Feast, 2 wonderful books, signed by the author Gwen Cooper, 3 soft big blankets, 2 bottles Dawn soap, kitty ornament, 3 candy sugar free packs, and lots of yummy bags of candy for the volunteers
GrumpyKathy/Kathy R--a wonderful box of special cakes and treats--already opened and sampled! Also stamps, Post-It notes and lots of photo paper

We had an adoption yesterday! Our volunteer, Dawn officially has adopted Bixley. She's loved him for a long time and he's always purring for her. Dawn took him home for a sleepover and decided he needed to be part of their family!

We sent out another truckload of items from the Day Sale yesterday. Watch your mailboxes. More will be sent out today! Please remember--always let us know if there's an error.

Whobe ate a good breakfast, all by himself! Goose and Tillytoe can sure play tough together--they both enjoy it. The cats all love the new cardboard tower--it's great and has lots of peeky windows in it. We have it in the Kabana Room by the windows, so they can also see outside while playing. The baby birds that you all could hear chirping for days has now fledged and are gone. But mama and dad are back in their nest again. Maybe we'll have some more baby birds later!

We have also been working on the Catstock event. Things are coming along nicely and are getting organized! We still have to build the toilet game for the Swish the Ball in the Toilet! Jimmy will take care of that for us. Prizes for each game will soon be counted out. Kids win something even just for playing!  We're looking forward to it and also to have our webcam friends visit.

We also have another cat on hold--our sweet Waffle that has been here less than a week is now on hold. He will have an updated physical when Dr. Darcy is here on Saturday. This Saturday is our next surgery date. 

Well, that's all, Folks. Off to a mini-vacation! See you all later. Hugs and have a great week yourself!

Asha and her beautiful eyes!