Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weds., August 28

It's half way thru the day and just now doing the blog. That tells you what kind of day it's been! But, that's ok.....eventually it all gets caught up.

We had BOXES last night.  So so many thanks to give. 
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--toy brizes for Catstock--lots of finger toys, paddle toys, coloring books, crayons and turbo racers--a big help to us!
Courtney T from ME, mom to our 5 beautiful calicos--letter with CD of FFRC kitties
Jean S from WI--walmart gift card for kitty litter and food, donation to cover cost of food and drinks for band at Catstock, 2 of 2014 calendars
Aunty Sonjamac from Canada--2 cases Appetizers for Abbot and friends
Lucy P/LuLittle from UK and Bennie--book: Cat Sense by John Bradshaw, animal behavorist
Caren F from CA--16 cans of KMR
Rita/Cantoncat & Chance the wonder cat!--case of Pro Plan Tuna
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze from FL--36 jars of baby food meat!
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Aunty Julie/widdletigger--2 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
ChrisP28--made by hand book markers and a beautiful scrap book with wonderful sayings
Andrea W--case of KMR liquid and a can of KMR powder
Sandyusa--2 of 40 lb bags of Precious Cat Litter
Maggie J  from MA with Mickey & Frankie--card with kittens. Bunches and bunches and bunches of our much loved catnippads!!! These are all decked out in Catstock designs--peace signs, hearts, cats.  Also 8 boxes of Sheba and a ream of bright colored copy paper plus 5 packages of 10 count Peace lights for Catstock (will use to decorate the band trailer!!!)
Nancy W--letter for Jacci
Susan TC--donation for FFRC
Marlene J from NJ--donation in memory of little Ivo
Anonymous Friend--4 Walmart gift cards
Liz and Eric, day visitors--paper towels, laundry soap, popcorn & snackers for the volunteers, canned kitty food, cat snackers, gingersnaps for Millie the Donkey
June/Painteddaisy--week visitor--made by our very talented friend!--jewelry made with fresh water pearls, crystals, and semi precious stones. These are beautiful pieces of jewelry and will be at our next Day Sale.
Hannah--our sweet friend--bought a bird bath with her very own allowance for the rescue center--thanks Hannah. It's beautiful and I love it!

Today holds a part of sadness for me. Our sweet little Kway passed away this morning. She was fine 3 days ago, not so fine 2 days ago, very sick yesterday. We pulled out all stops to save her, but it wasn't to be. I've already notified the person that wanted to adopt her, which is so hard to do. Losing and gaining, no matter how hard it is, is part of what rescue work is all about. . Yes, we lost our sweet Kway, but she didn't leave this world without gaining a lot of love and care from here. Little Kona was also sick, but even though he was smaller, he is bouncing back already. It's hard to figure out why a virus takes some and doesn't phase another. Their little immune systems are hard at work, trying to protect them. 

Viola is being a bit of a stinker this morning. She and I have been talking and arguing. I tell her to nurse those kittens and that I'm not going to feed them. She says, but it's too much bother and I don't want to. I tell her, look--you have beautiful babies and a nice soft bed. She says, I'm not going to lay down with them. If I have to nurse them, then I'll sit up, but I'm not going to like it.  I tell her, they're just a week old. She says, fine, but I'm going to put them in the litter box to lay with me. I say, no, you're not. I'll take your box out and give it to you every hour to go potty. She says, ok, you win for now, but wait until you're not looking and I'll think up something else. So........she and I are continuing this conversation!  I'm determined!

We've moved the smallest of the kittens to Cat's Corner Room. As soon as the smallest ones are a tad bigger, we'll be opening their door. Lots of action going on in there!

Jemison is eating her dry food, with her bottom on a step and the bowl on the floor. Very cute! Our red poof has been in high demand. Lots of sucking action going on there! Rachet now likes to walk around with a plastic coil toy in his mouth, just like Farrah and Paddy Cake. Joline's fur is growing in--curly and so nice looking now! 

Tomorrow sometime around noon or 1:00, Kelly will be coming and bringing Molly with her for a visit! We finally get to see her!

Sammie and Fiona are going to be adopted together! Waffle will be leaving this Friday. Beartoe and a friend will be leaving in September. Kwee and a friend will be leaving in October. Titoe leaves on Friday. Today there will be a family coming to look for a kitten. 

Hannah enjoying Derecho! And Derecho is enjoying Hannah!