Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday, August 6

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! Dawn, Sam, Steve and I was at Cedar Point! We had a lot of fun. It was Ride the Roller Coaster Day for us. I enjoyed the day off with no phones, no doorbells, no computer! And being with my family was terrific! We got home in the wee hours of the night!

I think there has been some confusion about my day off yesterday. It was truly just one day off. It's next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday that Steve and I are going away!  Yep, a real mini vacation! We're going to go to Indiana to do a few fun things that we've been looking forward to doing. This will be a first, in a very long time, that we've been able to do this! I'm going to disappear into a 3 day off of quietness! We'll have things well under control here while I'm gone! 

The floor is done in the Kitty Kabana room. Furniture is moved back and the cats and kittens have their most loved room back. Right now there are 14 cats on the window ledges! Oh, how they love this room!

Tonight, we WILL have boxes, even though it's a Tuesday. Because of very little sleep last night, Steve and I will be going to our Movie Night on Weds. instead. BOXES will be at 5:30 though tonight. 

Our kittens in Thumper's Room are doing great. To be sure you're caught up with the last three newbies, they too, are doing great. 
Mystika arrived on August 4th, brought in by volunteer Amy V, whose friend found her. Mystika apparently was tossed from a car--she has the traditional "pizza face". One of her canine teeth is also broken off. She's 14 weeks old, with a birthday on 4/28/13. A real nice solid grey kitten.
George arrived on August 2nd. He's black/white, was loaded to the max with cat lice. He's 6 weeks old, with his birthday on 6/21/13. This boy has purring down to an art!
arrived on August 4th. He's also black/white, was also absolutely loaded with cat lice. I truly wonder if he and George are brothers. He's also 6 weeks old and his birthday is now known as 6/21/13. His middle name is Will. He has mouth injuries suggesting he too was a "toss from car" kitten. 

Goose, the grey tiger/white kitten is doing pretty good. He's still sleeping alot and so we just love on him and let him sleep. He seems to need it. His appetite is starting to pick up. He's 12 weeks old with a birthday of 5/7/13.He loves to melt right into your arms!

As you all know, we love our visitors. Sometimes visitors come to work, which is fine. There's always things that need to be done! Sometimes visitors come to visit, play with the cats and kittens and cuddle them up. That's fine too--good for the cats, good for the people! Whatever the visitors want to do, we're fine with that! We just very much enjoy visitors coming! We also enjoy having them see Cat's Cove and the farmyard and to meet the Porchies.

Many thanks to:
Gusti from Germany--a donation, in memory of little Ivo for Dove, Kukster and Rosi for food and/or meds
Renee C--a donation to help wherever there is a need. 
Anonymous Friend--a donation in memory of Ivo
Carla/beachkatz--a donation to be used as needed, in honor of friendships--past, present and future
Ellen & Pat--visitors--cookies for everyone!  Trash bags, 10 packages small paper plates, juice for volunteers, Dawn soap, Lysol wipes, case of water, 6 gallons of bleach, can food
Beth--visitor--6 cases of Appetizers

I've heard from the family that adopted AP and Ruthie Ann. All is fine and actually, doing better than expected. AP's presence has further calmed Ruthie Ann. Both are comfortable and have found happiness. AP has turned into a lap cat, exactly what we were hoping for. 

We also had an adoption on Sunday afternoon. Our wonderful little Pumpkin found a home of her own! Pumpkin will have some new older siblings and a family that will give Pumpkin a wonderful home. 

See you at BOXES at 5:30!

Our sweet Cutie.