Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday, August 25

Our 24 hour afghan auction is over and it went over so well! I appreciate each and every participant--it was awesome! I know the lag thing is an issue but we can't make it disappear! So....we have to deal with it the best that we can and we did! We made $1542 on the afghan. The winning bids went to:
Afghan A went to Madisonpepper for $450
Afghan B went to Svcathy for $458
Afghan C went to Purple for $260
Afghan D went to Cathy for $245
Beth/Eaglewatcher pitched in an extra $87 to top it off, but with a few other extra dollars, we ended up with $1542! 

We also had an impromptu sardine eating event! A viewer popped it on the screenthat if  Becky, the volunteer would eat a sardine, she'd donate $10. Well, it just so happens, Becky likes sardines! So we both ate them and they were yummy! Then, in the spirit of this, we opened a can of anchovies. I thought they would taste like a sardine. Little did I know.............that is definitely not true! But, we both ate one anchovie and that will probably be the last that I ever eat! Ick! But, this fun 10 minutes raised $540. I deeply appreciate this, as it is needed and will be used for bills. A big fishy thanks to you all! 

Many thanks to the following for the sardine/anchovie PayPal donations! Ellen E, Ruth B, Susan M, William C, Jennifer W, Deb B, Sharon R, Barb R, Lynn S, Sheila H, Deb N, Bonnie R, Gusti and Brooke B.

Today is our extra wonderful day. Hannah will be arriving between noon and 1:00.  Every day is wonderful, but today is one with extra happiness. We're all excited to meet Hannah and to have her see in person (I mean, in cat), the real Putter and Paddys! Come join us.

Need an organization to vote for for The Animal Rescue Site? If so, consider Blind Cat Rescue in St. Pauls, NC. 

Viola! That is the name of our new brown tiger/white cat. This is another Cathathon name. Viola and her babies are doing great. She's a very relaxed mama. The 6 babies have nice round tummies.

Please always remember--if I've forgotten a donation, have information wrong, haven't acknowledged something correctly, haven't answered something important, etc., always feel free to contact me by e-mail. It's fine to do that. 

A big day of thanks. My heart is full with the kindness of others. This rescue center would not be the same without your support, your caring ways, your positive attitude and your friendships. Thank you! 

Big Al says he'll be your friend too! Come visit us and meet the Porchies!