Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! Our sweet friend, Hannah and mom (Jennifer) and dad (Andy) came for a visit! What a blessing to have this visit.  As many of you know, Hnnah has Type 1 SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). This effects all of her muscles, is a progressive disease, but the brain is not affected. 

This was very evident by Hannah's reactions to many things. When she circles her eyes, that means "silly". Back and forth eyes means "no". Squeezing eyes shut means "yes".  It's amazing the quickness she can communicate! Hannah loves all the cats but especially Putter and Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr. 

Hannah is 11 and is in school, at home, with the help of the internet and her visiting teacher. She's very good at working on the computer with the aid of technology. She writes her own book reviews after reading stories. She can even cut her own paper to make her "love chains" as she calls them. This she does with special scissors. Where there's a will, there's a way for Hannah! 

Hannah met many of the cats that she's been watching on the cam. Putter came out and sat on the stool right in front of Hannah. I do believe they carried on their very own conversation! We even went out on the farmyard so she could see the horses, chickens, geese, peacocks, ducks, donkey, goats and guineas. Wilson, the horse, came right up to her and took 8 individual snackers out of Hannah's hand, so very gently. 

Hannah is quite an amazing girl. Even though she has insurmountable challenges each and every day, she and her parents are so positive. No negativeness was uttered here. Where there's a challenge, they look for a way to counter it. Where there is a physical problem/discomfort, then a way to "fix" it, is looked at. It really shows the family's strength and courage. I wish for all of us to follow those footsteps! 

We were blessed to have this visit. It puts into prospective our daily lives and what we go thru in what we call our normal lives. Thank you, Hannah, Jennifer and Andy for coming. As a finale--Paddy Cake jumped on the wheel and ran and ran for her! You can view her visit here on: youtube/sqHIHejGKU4   Many thanks to Goss for taping this.

Many thanks to the following also--we appreciate your support.
Margaret H from NC--another sardine/anchovy donation
Arlene W--in honor of Hannah for the Feliz Navidad Fund.
Peggy K--in honor of Hannah's visit
Billypogo--donation to cover Gallant's sponsor pack for Hannah
Chris D--for Hannah's leggydew and some for the sardine/anchovy event
Caren F--donation to be used for the Feliz Navidad fund and some also for whever needed
Jennifer S--donation to Feliz Navidad fund in honor of Hannah
The Bubbas--for the Feliz Navidad fund in honor of Hannah
Diana B--donation for Hannah, to buy something from the FFRC's store
Brenda R--in honor of Hannah's visit, to be used where ever needed
Pamela B--donation for FFRC in honor of Hannah's visit
Cynthia H--donation for the Feliz Navidad fund in honor of Hannah's visit
Colleen P--donation for Feliz Navidad fund in care of Hannah
Diane F--donation for the sardine event, some for the Feliz Navidad fund
山口 文教--donation to FFRC
Marlane/jerzygirl--donation in memory of little Ivo

Hannah and her family also brought a donation! Hannah made her wonderful "love chains", one for Merri and one for Jersey! They also brought a box of Purrfectly chicken, sardines for Jersey and Merri and snackers too. There were also two leggydews! Thanks ever so much. 

Update on the sardine/anchovy event: we have now received $615! I thank you so very much! 

We also had an adoption yesterday--added to a wonderful day! Our sweet Bix was adopted. This family has adopted before from us and were ready to add another cat to their family. 

We had a soppy kitten last night! Poor Remison. He was sitting on the counter watching Connie mix up the next batch of gruel. Curiosity (and his tummy) got the best of him. Getting too close resulted in him falling into the bucket, feet first. He was grueled up to his belly button! A quick bath, drying and then the other cats helped him lick himself off! 

Our sweet Derecho!