Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday, August 4

Happy Birth Day to Molly! Yes, Kelly's baby was born yesterday afternoon. She weighed 6 lbs 2 oz. and is 19 inches long with dark hair. We love Kelly and wish her family well. It's been wonderful to be a part of Molly's life even before she was born. Welcome, Molly!

I would like to thank:
Cara, Caitlin E and Joan B--day visitors for the litter and dry cat and kitten food
Mary H from Archbold--for your wonderful tub of goodies--Mr. Clean, bathroom cleaner, tablets, cat snackers, pens, juice, cat food, case of water, 2 reams of paper, bowls, misc.   Thanks too for your wonderful "job" that you do for FFRC--restock the entire center! Love it.
Ellen and Pat (furkitty & Cat Houze)--visitors for a few days. They brought a bunch of goodies for us--volunteer treats, things for the mail Room, plates, towels, Farrah's monthly donation. They also brought items for the upcoming Day Sale--quillows, crocheted beautiful pieces, a Cat on the Fence Afghan. They also gave me some items, including my own purple Cat on the Fence afghan! Pat has a wonderful talent of making these beautiful things.

We had another adoption yesterday. The family that took Ruthie Ann decided that yes, they would indeed love to have another cat! AP went home with them. I have a strong feeling that AP will once again be a wonderful lap cat!

Our little new kitten George is coming along. He's resting alot, gaining some weight and loves to be petted. Neko, the other new one, also a polydactyl is a sweetie and dearly loves to be held.

Solee was just ON TOP of my desk, way at the top. She figured out how to climb the Kuranda Tower and make her way up. Sometimes we just have to close our eyes and let these wobbly CH cats be themselves!

I am so sorry to have to tell you this. Our sweet baby Ivo passed away this morning. I have a totally broken heart over this and am so very sad this happened. A couple days ago, we noticed he was not eating as good as he should, so we started supplementing him with his formula/gruel right away. He took this willingly and very happily. Actually yesterday he was pitter pattering around like the other kittens and was eating by himself. This morning, I was shocked when I went to check on the babies and found him almost gone. He was held him as he passed. My heart aches for this loss and to have to tell you this sad news.

For those that live in the Long Island, NY area. Remember August 10th is when Merri (who did the rescue on Jersey and Merri) will have an adoption event at Pet Supplies Plus in Ronkonkoma on Portion Road. Stop in and see her and please tell her thank you for me. 

The floor guys were here yesterday. They put the last coat on the Kitty Kabana Floor. We're in the drying phase right now. Monday morning they will come and put new mop boards up then we can move back in.

Tomorrow, Steve and I and Sam and Dawn are going to Cedar Point. It'll be nice to have a day together. 

So, today, I would like to say....enjoy your day, be thankful for each moment. Yesterday we had an adoption, a birth and a death. Life is precious--treasure each day. Make peace with yourself and your family and friends. 

Our kitten, Theo. A handsome boy.