Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weds., August 21

What a wonderful Sunday coming up! Our wonderful young friend, Hannah will be visiting us! We are so very happy to have her and her mom come here to visit the cats and kittens. Hannah loves them all, but especially Putter and the Paddy boys. They will arrange their visit for around noonish. We will close the doors to visitors, to reduce the possibility of passing cold germs. We don't want our Hannah friend to get sick! And don't worry--she can't get any colds from the cats! You all can visit on the cam and finally meet our special friend!

Spike is now in the main rescue area. He is one handsome dude! He is wonderful with the other cats and the kittens. The only problem is that he really really wants to go outside. We've been doing "the talk" with him--to try living inside, it's safer, we'll find a good home, etc. But, he's not sure. He's been an outside cat and truly wants us to open the door for him. So, we'll see what happens. If he's totally unhappy, we have to let him be a Porchie. Afterall, this is his life we're talking about--where he is most happy at. We can try and change his attitude, but sometimes these outside cats are not listening to us!

Ernest is doing wonderful. He's out and about more and more. Kiko always makes us laugh. He loves to run the wheel. The entire time he's on it, he's meowing, over and over and looking at us. He wants us to know what a good boy he is! Goose is filling out now and is very comfortable here. We have now moved Camvie and Puzzone up to the main area.

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you!
Cheri B--Spoiled Rotten monthly box--Twice Mice toys, kong toys, catnip spray, Kong kitty snackers and 2 cans of extra yummy food
Anonymous Friend--2 boxes of Fancy Feast Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast kitten food
ChrisP218--large bag of Royal Canine indoor adult dry food
Arden and Charmaine--2 big bags of Purine One Kitten and a big bag of Purina One Adult
Great Aunt Julie P/tigercat54 from IA--2 binders, 5 pgks of dividers for binders, hole re-enforcers, case of Fancy Feast grilled and a case of Felidae cans
MissPaula from OK--2 feathery toys for Paddys birthday, 3 cans of KMR, 6 pkgs cat snackers, case of Fancy Feast liver & chicken
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases of Tulle-creamy cat chicken
Kathy C--2 large containers Bonito Flakes (Octavia is already eyeing them!)
Caren F--case of Friskies Country style, case of CHicken Soup for the Kitten lovers soul
Ann, Sean and Penn, Teller & Pixle from PA--card with note from Ann and wonderful pics of our 3 cats they adopted, 4 pack of Lysol wipes, assorted candies for the volunteers, lots of snackers for volunteers, 10 jars of baby food, 20 cans of Friskies and a bag of Purina One Kitten
SophieandLucysdad/Mike from MI--coupons, lots of wonderful coupons
Velma T/catzthree--picture of Tabith T and Goldy and a donation in memory of her Tabitha T who passed away 9/12/12
Kikimycat from FL--fabulous cards specially made for the Birthdays of Octavia, Hank, Sylvan, all with poems

If you're looking for an organization to vote for, for the Animal Rescue Site, I would suggest voting for Blind Cat Rescue in St. Pauls, NC. Alana does a mighty fine job there and would appreciate it. 

The cats have been at it again--they truly think they want to be secretaries. This morning they completely locked up my keyboard--had to reboot to get it working again. But, 2 days ago, they deleted e-mails. Now, normally it's easy to retrieve, but they sent about 4-6 e-mails out to cyber space where they are still flying around. I cannot get them. So....if you e-mailed me and have not gotten a response back, please e-mail me again. I told the viewers today they are very, very, very sorry, because 2 very's was not enough. You know, they're so cute though, as they pound on the keyboard, while purring. What can I do?!!

Zelda has herself squished into a basket, taking a nap. Asha is snoozing away again on the file cabinets. Abbott is stalking Snappy and Titoes. Kwee and Kway and absolutely wonderful--so sweet and friendly. Little Rosi and Togo love to race and climb up the office chair, jump down and run to the back Thumper's Room door. Rufus and Merlyn are such good friends--always napping together. The Porchies and the Covies are also doing great.

Kareena--a super sweet Tortie.