Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday, August 20


A fun time for families, volunteers, friends and webcammers to enjoy
the afternoon together! We’re all about Peace, Love and Cats!

Carnival- 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Horse Poo Bingo- 4:15 pm

Carnival - 10 tickets for $5.00 (1 ticket for each game or snack)
Hot dogs, BBQ beef and chicken sandwiches, side dishes and more! (freewill donation)

Carnival Games                             Misc. Events
Ÿ         Swish in the Toilet                                  Removable Tattoos
Ÿ         Bow and Arrow game                              Face Painting
Ÿ         Sack Hop w/ traffic signs                        Mini Tractor Rides
Ÿ         Plinko game                                           Sassy the Clown
Ÿ         Cornhole game                                       Horse Rides
Ÿ         Hula Hoop the Cat                                  Cotton Candy      
Ÿ         Jumbo Ring Toss                                    Theatre Popcorn
Ÿ         Target Bean Bag Rug
Ÿ         Flag Frisbee
Ÿ         Giant Dice Toss
Ÿ         Ring Toss
Ÿ         Washer Toss
Ÿ         Floating Duck Pond
Ÿ         Cat Bean Toss
Ÿ         Treasure Dig Hunt
Ÿ        Cat Can Pong

                  STRAWBERRY HILL

The wonderful band, Strawberry Hill will be playing the entire time of the carnival. We can listen to great music and have fun at the carnival all at the same time! They are well known in this area and play 60’s and 70’s music!  Feel free to bring your lawn chair and enjoy the music and activities.

Horse Poo Bingo at 4:15pm! Buy a Bingo square, as many as you like. At 4:15, Wilson the horse, will have access to the Giant Bingo “Board”. The first square that Wilson poos in, is the winner! It will be a 50/50 Bingo. 50% goes to FFRC, 50% is divided between however many people bought that square.
Bingo tickets are $5.00 a square.

Come join the fun with us! Either visit and be here in person or join us on the cam. We are going to try and have as much as possible on our ustream cam!
We have taken in a new cat. A couple days ago, a neighbor was seen heading this way with a big cat in her arms. I went out to meet her and she was carrying this big boy, although he's thin. They had been feeding him for 3 weeks, appeared out of no where and just stayed put on their property. He's about 3-4 years old, part siamese/tiger mix and is already neutered. He's been tested, vaccinated and bathed. He takes everything with an attitude of  "well, if you just touch me, I will do whatever you want"! This boy rubs and rubs and rubs on legs, ankles, floor, cages, etc!  He is awesome. Many of you know who Tonio was (an oldster here) and many of you may remember Sesame. This cat has the same look/design of fur that these two cats had. Oh--and his name is Spike which is another Catathon name. 

They are off and running! Those kittens that have been in the back Thumper's Room are now in the front Thumper's Room. We have also opened the Welcome Room door to them during the night. They can start at one end and zip zip zip to the other! Their legs were made for running! Lots of fun. Such a cute, friendly bunch of babies! 

Can you imagine having over 8 MILLION views on our ustream kittycam? Simply amazing to me, but that's what has happened! Thanks to you all for your support.

We have thanks to be given!
Brenda C from LA--a donation thru PayPal in honor of 8,000,000 views!
Anna B from France--a donation & congrats on the 8 million views!
John & Pat--day visitors, from GA--donated bird seed and suet bird cakes
Anonymous Friend--a donation in memory of the cat that passed away from an extreme overload of fleas. (no cat should have to die because of fleas--please use flea prevention.)
Neil & Jean from OH--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nancy G from MI--donation to celebrate Joey and John K's 40th anniversary, to help with spays/neuters and for the Feliz Navidad fun, in memory of Ivo, Dapper and Emaline
Joyce D--thanks for the yummy pizza on surgery day

Oh oh, we have an upset cat here at FFRC. She's had her feelings hurt. Apparently she can read and saw the word "fat" in reference to her on the chat. She would like to share this bit of information, as she is the spokescat for FFRC. Please, no using the word "fat", as it causes hurt feelings. Apparently they do not mind being called "floofy" or "fluffy", so that would be okay with them. Now I'm going to have to pass out some snacks in way of asking for forgiveness! 

Afghan Auction Day is coming up! We haven't had one of these for quite some time. We have 4 beautiful afghans that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. It will start on cam Friday evening at 6:00 pm (ffrc time) and end sharply at 6:00 pm Saturday evening. Check out the pictures of these at ffrc's chatter's page:  http://www.facebook.com/events/621170057928323/permalink/621170061261656/

We have a report from PetFinders. The top 14 cats that were viewed are: Tatiana, Zelda, Karena, Ginger, Tillytoe, Archer, Navi, Bix, Judson, Kukster, Keesha, Intrepid, AP and Patches.

I'd like to send out a special thanks to everyone. YOU are all important to this Rescue Center, from the volunteers, to the moderators, the admins, the lurkers, the chatters, the silent supporters, just everyone! My wish is that we all bring to this site, whether it be the blog, facebook, thru e-mails, PM's, chat, however you visit us, a positive feeling. We all make our very own choices of how we react and feel about any given situation. In the case with FFRC, we want to be friendly, courteous, respectful and fun. I know that with so so many people involved, there will at times be some discord. But, it's how we react to this discord, is what makes a difference. Be at peace with yourself and please....enjoy this feline rescue center with a happy heart. 

Kukster is awesome--his little incision where he removed his own staples is almost healed already. Merri cruises about all over! Sometimes Jersey gets scared, but then settles down. He's becoming a tiny bit braver. Ming is passing his poo-check every day! Derecho loves his baby food treat in the morning while Solee loves her Babycat RC dry food treat. Walter was tracking a peacock from window to window. Cutie is still tending to the kittens even though some are as big as she is. Asha loves to be petted....constantly! Anna Marie is gaining weight and self-confidence. Alaska and Ernest are becoming more comfortable being here. Life is indeed good! 

This morning we had a fun "chase the horse fly" game. Somehow a horse fly entered the rescue center. The buzz-buzz sound alerted all the cats and were instantly following this fly. Raza chased it (so graceful!), Octavia of course tried cause she likes to eat bugs, Pania zoomed in with her ears, Kiara was up high and swatted it a few times. . It was an orchestrated movement of the kitties and cats watching this fly!

Arden--an extra handsome black cat!