Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday, August 2

I definitely need a kitty sitter. Right now there are 4 kittens on my desk, making typing a big problem. Those wiggly fingers are meant for attacking. And that mouse that moves? That's definitely meant to be attacked. For every word I type, half has to be redone! Would I trade this for no kitties on the desk? Absolutely not!!

Today the Covies will get out for the Running of the Covies! What fun they have. They'll have a full day of running about the farmyard. They are so good though--they never bother the chickens, guineas, ducks or geese. And for sure not the peacocks! They love going up on top of the hay mound and napping there.

The 5 college cats are back. We sure have some pretty smart cats here! Neko, Ratchet, Arden and Temba all had microchips placed, full lab work (all normal) and complete fecals done (all normal). Their physicals were also normal. Very good news! Neko was also neutered while he was there. Anna Marie also had a microchip placed, a complete fecal done (normal) and blood work. Her red blood cells are low and her white blood cells are high. More lab work is still being done on her and we should get those results today. As we all know now from her x-rays, these are not BB's in her head and shoulders. They are "spheres", or also known as buckshot, from a shotgun. One thing I ask--let's dwell on the positive! Not on the person that did this to her--that we cannot change. Anna Marie will be fine. She's a happy, gentle girl and loves the hugs and care she is getting. Our vet will go over all these results also on 8/17, our surgery day. 

Anna Marie and Cutie have been mothering the 12 kittens that are in the extended Thumper's Room. The cam was moved into this room this morning for a while to view these 12 babies! They are all growing, including that ornery tiny Dapper! His walking seems to be a bit improving. Won't be long until Camvie and Puzzone will be in the Main Area.

The floor guys came yesterday. They got 2 of the 3 coats done on the floor and will complete the 3rd coat this morning! Then we wait until they say we can move back in. This process they are using is shorter than normal. It looks terrific! 

Many thanks to:
Eaglespirit2011--donation to give Joyful a special Leggydew to be used on her desk! Also a catnippad to be give to Fiona at adoption time. These are given in honor of Badu's birthday!
Catherine S from UK--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Judith M--donation in honor of the Paddy Boys and a donation for Anna Marie (for August).
Eaglewatcher/Beth--2 cases of the best tea ever!, ICE drinks, cookies for the volunteers. Beth is here for a week visit! 

Oh my goodness--we're so excited! We just got some fantastic news last night! As you know, our Catathon is Sept. 7, a Saturday. Last year our wonderful friend, Mike was here for a concert, which we dearly loved. He is not able to come this year. We just found out that a band here in Defiance, can come! They've been a well known band for a long time and play 70's and 80's music which will fit right in with Catstock! Our budget is very limited, but they've agreed to do the full time that we have the Carnival at a reduced rate! So, let the games begin, let the music begin and we're going to have a lot of fun! Peace, Love and Cats--that's what it's all about! 

We just received our PetFinder report. The top 13 cats that were viewed are: Beartoe, Bixley, Navi, Ginger, Tillytoe, Zelda, AP, Kukster, Octavia, Arden, Intrepid, Ruthie Ann and Weeja. 

A little bit of wisdom, from our dear Putter: "A little peace and quiet will calm both you and your soul".

We are always impressed by the thickness of Navi's tail!