Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday, August 22

Merri and Jersey have graduated. They will no longer be going back in their room for night time sleeping. We know they are both eating good. That Merri is so smart. You can just see her brain churning--how to get from here to there the best way that she can. 

I watched Derecho yesterday and he made me smile! He wanted to go from one side of the main area to the other. He laid there, looked around at all the people that were here. Then he got up, started walking and as he passed people, used their legs to help steady himself! He is just simply awesome! 

We have another Petfinder report. The top 15 cats that were viewed are: Beartoe, Navi, Bixley, Sara, Octavia, Zelda, Tillytoe, GInger, Bix, Theo, Judson, Kiko, Archer, Temba and Hankster. 

We're working away on the Catstock. Started making our poster signs--each one will have an interesting fact about cats. We'll laminate these and hang them all over the farmyard, the event tents, inside the rescue center--just everywhere for people to read! Today we hope to get started working on the prizes for each game. 

We had BOXES last night! You are so appreciated! 
Anonymous Friend--for Janie & Camie--new collars!, 4 snacker bags.  bandages for the volunteers, metal pooper scooper, Yeow bananas and Rainbow catnip toys, Smurf Air freshners. For THumper's Room--toys, toys and toys and grooming tools. For Jersey & Merri--2 catnip toys. Hand towels and wash cloths in bright colors.
Great Aunt Julie P from IA--big bag of Purina One adult
June K--2 packages from Coupaw, Boing toys--lots of fun
Debbie & Jim from GA--Guardian Angel card in memory of Emaline, 3 kitty pencils, wash cloths, potty bags, kitty toys (lots and fun ones!), kippers/sardines and anchovies, 12 bags of cat snackers, Giant Rat, 4 kitty collars, blankie, crocheted (by Debbie) lots of assorted toys, 2 balls for the dogs
Kittiesmom--pictures of her cat Emmie
Silvia H from TX--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC for Earth Angels/Feliz Navidad Fund
Jan & Alleycat from FL--a donation for the 8 million goal reached, in honor of Feliz Navidad Fund
Melinda F from NC--a donation to FFRC
Jatcat and friend--donated a wonderful wall fan for inside the Feline Fieldhouse, which is connected to Cat's Cove. Now that we have electricity in this building, we can have a fan! The cat's LOVE this area and the fan will be a big help!

I'd like to say a special thanks to Joni (who is our visitor right now) and to Wanda. Joni presented to FFRC, a beautiful portrait of Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda Moss, drawn by Wanda, in memory of Feliz. Her story is why we started the Feliz Navidad Fund. It helps us with those extra "over and above" medical needs of the cats and kittens here at FFRC. Thank you very much, Joni and Wanda. 

Bix has found a home! The person who adopted Cameo from FFRC will return soon to officially make Bix her cat for her family. Alaska is cruising about more and more--she's becoming more comfortable being here. Yesterday I counted 13 cats on the orange window shelves in the Kitty Kabana Room, watching the bird feeders. They sure love those low windows. The Barnies are doing great. We will have a big load of hay delivered on Sunday--they will love that--snoozing on top of the big pile! Little Camvie and Puzzone were playing together this morning in the plastic jug--making it vibrate with their purrs! 

We probably won't have BOXES tonight, as Steve and I would like to go to our local fair. If something happens and we're unable to go, then of course, we'll have BOXES. 

Remember, Friday at 6 pm starts our next afghan auction on the cam and fb chatters page. There are 4 beautiful afghans involved--each and every one of them a piece of art. Come join the fun. It ends at 6 pm on Saturday.

One of the geese on the farmyard!