Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday, August 30

Oh happy day! It's official! She is now known as Zelda Belda Moss. I had to make a decision about Zelda and it came about in an unexpected way. Last week, a wonderful family was looking for an adult cat to adopt. I am embarrassed to say, that I first showed them Zelda, then I promptly hid her in the dog's room. Yes, I really did do that. Someone opened the door and left her out and the family found her and said they might adopt her. Well, I'm again embarrassed to say, that I started crying. Totally unexpected -- not what I had planned. I went in the house, thought about it and said to myself that I can do this. Came back out to talk to the family again, and again started crying. Oh my--what a baby I was being. I just couldn't imagine Boxes with Zelda, my desk without Zelda and not holding her every day. Thankfully, a friend of FFRC's was here with the family and explained how I really loved Zelda.  So..........when I came back the third time, the family said they simply could not take Zelda. The one daughter always wanted an orange cat, another daughter wanted to name their new cat Rufus. Well, who did we have here but our Rufus, an orange cat, so they adopted him! 

So, Zelda is mine, mine, mine! And I'm thrilled. I don't consider her an FFRC cat, I consider her mine! I know many of you wanted this to happen, but I had to work it out myself. Thanks for sharing in my happiness! She is now sporting a beautiful purple collar. I understand that she's been spying Bella's tag and likes the saying "I'm kinda a big deal".  Maybe a tag that says, "I'm a big deal too"!! 

We had a special visitor yesterday. Kelly and Molly came and spent the afternoon with us. She is so very sweet, 3 weeks old now and is beautiful. We were all honored to hold her and kiss her. I do believe we all consider ourselves Aunties and Uncles! 

Anna Marie looks awesome. She's got a little belly, is happy and is playing. Ernest and Alaska is out more and more. Alaska is actually on my lap at the moment. She loves her head rubs. Asha is also close by, watching the kittens. Kona is sleeping in the big pink poof--a tiny wee kitten swallowed up by the pillow!

We had BOXES last night! Wonderful, glorious boxes!  Thank you!
Caren F--computer paper with peace signs. Big ream of neon color copy paper
Cantoncat & Chance the wonder cat--case of Pro Plan tuna
Pat L/Plee & Sandy from KA--pop tabs for Kellen, feed bag for making totes (Caity does these), 4 crocheted pretty blankies, smally kitty quilts that are gorgeous, doggie snackers, lots of kitty snackers
Mayumi from Japan--6 packets tuna with white bait, 3 cans chicken, 6 packets chicken and scallops, 6 packets Boniot, and 6 boxes of broth/meat. The cats think they're pretty special eating these special packets!
Deb11111 from MN--8 boxes of Fancy Feast Appetizers, all assorted flavors, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp, 2 cases Friskies
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers and 6 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten canned
Anonymous Friend--2 tub mats for KK, K-cup holder for KK, ribon/fabric for Angie, pink pretty collar, catnip & lavender bags for Pania & Anna Marie, snackers for everyone!, china plate for Dahnah for KK (she doesn't like plastic plates!), shampoo for doggies, candies for volunteers, 3 rolls fun Duct Tape, 4 orange hand towels/4 orange wash cloths, 2 blue rugs
Arden & Charmaine--5 cases of Friskies and 4 extra large bottles of TIde HE--big thanks!
Oilsandsgirl--2 bags Max adult indoor chicken dry, 1 bag Chicken Soup dry, 1 bag Eukanuba Adult--big help
Anonymous Friend--2 bags Chicken Soup for the Adult Lovers Soul dry food
Anonymous Friend--2 bags Felida dry cat food 
Austin from OH--donation

I deeply appreciate the donations. These are so very important to us and helps us tremendously.

We took in another kitten yesterday. Sometimes the "hard stuff" that happens here is overpowering. I feel that God has given us all a heart that is continually renewable in giving love and care and the ability to understand and forgive. I'm so grateful for this. We found out about a kitten that was living in a very small outside cage and in complete filth. We were shown a picture of it on Weds. Well, that picture haunted me, knowing that this poor baby has been living in those conditions for months. Jimmy and I decided to go to this residence and check it out. After talking to a person that lives in the house, he showed us the cage and kitten. My first thought was of disbelief. There were so so many flies surrounding this kitten. He first took a step backward from me, I asked permission to hold him and received a yes. When I knelt down, he stepped forward and that was it. There was no way Jimmy and I were leaving without him. The owner acknowledged the filthy conditions and said we could take the kitten. We took pictures to document the condition.  

His name is Juby because we are jubilant to have him. He had fleas, has an umbilical hernia that will need surgery and had a bubbly bath to get the filth off. He's approximately 7 months old, but only weighs 4.07. The neatest thing is Juby LOVES his bed. It's a cave-bed with a soft blankie. He has kneaded and kneaded and kneaded it--he loves his comfies! I have promised him he will be loved, kept clean and will never want for food. Somewhere in his young kitten-hood, someone has loved this kitten because he knows what that is. And he is loved again now. He so enjoys the pets and hugs. A big thanks to Jimmy for helping rescue Juby.

There's a bigger picture here. We all have eyes and ears. We all hear things occasionally about abuse and neglect. Report it, talk about it, educate others, be aware, call again for action, encourage others to spay/neuter. Be those animal's voice for help. Be a part of the solution. And give your pet some extra hugs today. 

Today is another possible adoption day. Toby and Titoes may be going to their new home (not together)! 

Who is this beautiful cat? Oh my--could that be Zelda Belda Moss?!! Yep, it is!
Mary Cat's photo.