Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday, Sept. 28

Because of the extremely busy week, the Blogs were on a "time out". But, we need one today to help get people get up to date!

As you already know, Paul was back in the hospital for 3 days. He was in a liver diseased coma. Completely unresponsive. It was decided to have him transferred to Defiance's In-Patient Hospice Center. Yesterday, when the EMT's brought him in his room and got him comfortable in his bed, Paul started talking! I swear, you could've pushed me over with a feather--I was thrilled, happy, shocked and thankful! Wow! 

At this point, he falls easily back into a deep sleep but can be aroused when spoken to. He still has his very diseased liver and affected kidneys. As of this week, we were told that he is no longer able to be on the liver transplant list due to his overall health. So, we pray for Paul, be thankful for him and appreciate his care that he is given. I know Paul....if there's a way to push more time for himself, he will do it. We will continue to love this guy every day and take each day as it comes.

If you want to light a candle for Paul as many have, that's wonderful. The site that is being used is a peaceful, non cult site. The first candles were lit in May 2001. Since then 16,062,097 candles have been lit from 243 countries. It's just a way of showing concern and gratitude. No money is involved--just peaceful thoughts.

We also have heard back from Paddy Purr's biopsy. No cancer cells! It shows unnatural cell growth, but nothing harmful. The treatment? Simple--a probable one time dose of a steroid injection! Paddy Purr is hip-hip-hooray-ing as we are too! 

The ten kittens that house in Cat's Corner Room (Minto, Poppy, McSplish, McSplash, Daisy, Emily, Allie, Juby, Lorenzo and Bugg) are doing great. They get out a couple times a day to cruise about, but always spend their night times in their room.

Lorenzo is doing wonderful. He gets into the litterbox just fine by himself and is eating just fine by himself. He's a cuddle-bum! His sister Bugg is still a very busy girl and is truly everywhere exploring. 

Viola and her kittens are quickly outgrowing Dodger's Pen. Since Ming and Cozarelii no longer need June's Room, Viola and babes will be moving into this room. We'll figure out something so that Viola can still be out exploring during the day, but to keep the kittens in their room.

Buttons is also doing great. She will be moving up soon to stay in Dodger's Pen so she can start to fit in with the Main Area. She's such a beautiful calico. I finally have the note that was taped to her arm, asking for help for her. Very interesting.

The etube in LillyAnn will be removed this weekend. It's time. Dr. P says to go ahead and remove it and hopefully she'll start eating on her own. She'll get a very light sedation to do this and at the same time, I'll give her a warm sudsy bath. 

The other day I posted an incorrect address for our pet memorials. It should be

I have thank yous to give from earlier this week! A big thanks!
Halosmom & dad--donation in honor of Paul, to FFRC
Joyce D--provided the yummy pizza's for our past surgery day!
Christina/nibbiesmommy (kitties are Nibbies, Elvira, Lotus, Leeloo)--3 cases Purrfectly chicken (2 cases for center and 1 case for PJ )
Great Aunty Julie/tigercat54-an Aspenpet Attract-O-Mat tunnel for the kittens
Widdletigger--soft cozy purple bed for LillyAnn
Oilsandsgirl--2 cases KMR, kikaroo toy for bunny kicking kitties
Gloria K and son Geremy K--(their kitties Kiki and Peanut)--2 kitty beds, wand toy, nylon birdseed feed bag for Katie, shamwow, ball toy with tail, ball, pack of 50 Neat n'Dry potty pads, book James Harriet's Cat Stories, Mr. Clean erasers, pack of 50 extra large training pads, finger toy, Sheeba cat food for Magenta and a Frolicat "twitch" toy
Lisa/our baker friend--cookies!  bread!

From a webcam friend: Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way to cope with it, is what makes the difference. 

Paul....our funny, compassionate, giving, wonderful friend!