Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weds., Sept. 4

What an absolutely beautiful weather week we've had. It's suppose to continue thru the weekend, which means blue skies for the Catstock! No rain this year! 

Today and the next 2 days are filled with things that we will be doing to get ready for the Catstock. Personally, I'm waiting for Friday when the giant bags are arriving of fresh theatre popcorn!  Lots of yard preparations too. We're excited and very much looking forward to this event. The webcammers Horse Poo Bingo is going very well. It will close Friday mid afternoon. If you need any information about it, check the previous blog and you'll see the entry.

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you all for the care and compassion given to FFRC.
Svcathy--pop tabs for Kellen, bag of office supplies, file folders, 6 bags doggie snackers, Holistic kitty snackers. From Trader Joes: 2 bags chocolate covered rpetzels, 2 bags chocolate covered potato chips, 2 bags breakfast trek mix and 2 bags assorted nuts
Kate C from TN--kitty card, donation (1/2 for FFRC in honor of Angie and Pat's work as volunteers and 1/2 for Steve & Jacci's night out. For Day Sale or Auction or wherever can be used: size 6 topaz colored stone/ring, hand tooled leather hand bag, Vera Bradley wallet, Canada mittens, leather book with pen from Italy, sweter, Pashmina scarf cashmere & silk black, Stan Herman throw cotton/chenille, donation for FFRC, 4 bags of kitty snackers, 3 cans of Fancy Feast
Elisabeth/widdletigger--3 bags Wellness dry Salmon and Chicken!
Anonymous Friend--4 cases Friskies assorted yumminess, case of Whisker Lickens snackers
Gem and Mom & nephew--potty bags, bubbles for bubble machine and cans of tuna, pop tabs for Kellen
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness sent birthday cards for Zavatar's 2nd birthday and Bella's 11th birthday. They each received $5 for something fun for their birthday!
Janet A and Honey with picture and letter from Honey, in honor of her birthday and also in memory of Emaline, Catamandu and Splash
Christine P/kiwianz--thanks so much for the special stamps on Janet's envelope, for my mom! She'll really like them. 
Caren F--PayPal donation.....just because!
Gusti--donation to FFRC, in honor of Honey's birthday and also for some yummies for Dahnay.
Anonymous Friend--donation for spay/neuter fund

Oh my, I'm afraid we are kitten over-loadeth right now. We have taken in a mama cat with 3 kittens that are 7 1/2 weeks old. No names yet, but will soon. Tests are done on all of them, vaccinations/wormings/capstars all done already. Nice kittens and nice mama. 

We have also taken on 2 other kittens--a black/white kitten with the cutest ever face and the biggest tummy I've ever seen on a baby. She was found at a friend's house, in the country. No other siblings, no mama. She's about 4-5 weeks old. The second kitten came in more dead than alive, but is slowly coming around. This kitten is a long hair brown tiger with definite light tan circles around both eyes--cuuuuuuuuuute! He is about 6 weeks old. This kitten is not stable yet, but is negative for FIV/leukemia as is the first kitten. Gums/mouth is extremely pale from fleas feasting on him. Took 4 days till we could draw enough blood to do his test. His name is Teddy Bear. The black/white cutie is named Little Bit. These are both Catathon names. 

We have 2 visitors that are here for 3 days. Julie (from Florida) and her aunt, Linda (from Columbus, OH). Today is Julie's birthday. They are both right now on the farmyard to see the Running of the Covies! It's one of my favorite things to watch!

Viola is doing better with her kittens. She definitely is not a good kitty-cleaner, but she's nursing them and that's more important. We give kitty baths every two days and they are needed then! We have been letting Viola out of her pen several times a day, for a walk/run about. She loves it and is very good with the other kittens and cats.

Juby is doing awesome. He spent about 6 hours up in the main rescue center yesterday. What a lovey boy he is. He and Joline and Walter are good friends. Joyful too gets along good with him! Merry is here, there and everywhere in the Rescue Center--we love seeing this.

For every 5 fleas found on your pet, there's 95-100 in your home! Please, use monthly flea prevention.

Beartoe--a very handsome kitten. He can wear beads because Putter told him he can!