Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday, Sept. 19

Paul is awake and aware! Such good news. While this is true though, his liver and kidney levels continue to decline. Not so good. The doctors, at this time, feel it's time to put Paul on the liver transplant list. He had over a gallon removed from his abdominal cavity yesterday, so that should help him feel better. He has a long way to go, but it was so very nice to be able to talk a bit yesterday. His cats are fine and still at home. 

Our dear Spike has passed away. On my way home from seeing Paul, I then stopped at the vet's office to talk to them about Spike. It was decided his diagnosis was something that he could not get better from--bone marrow cancer. He was a pretty tired boy when I picked him him. He rode all the way home beside me. I then took him into his favoritest place in the world--the Kitty Kabana Room. There, he was allowed to slip quietly over, while being held, into kitty heaven. I'm glad he was with us, glad he didn't die alone outside and glad that he allowed us into his life. He was a wonderful cat.

We have a super busy morning, playing catch-up. We need to get treatments current, the treatment board also caught up, weights taken on all surgeries for Saturday and a few baths need to be given  So, a very busy morning coming up.

We had BOXES last night! Such big thanks to you all--your hearts and compassion is awesome.
Ellen/Cathouze & Pat/Furkitty from FL--60 jars of baby food meat (Bella is greateful too!)
Susan345--case of 6 inch paper plates (1,000!)
Medic/Laura--case of Fancy Feast classic
Pat D (Billypogo's mom)--40 packets of Purrfectly Chicken
Liz G/Natureluver from TX--4 forty pounds of Precious Kitty litter--extra thanks!
Lannml--4 cases chicken & turkey baby food
Mamie friend--3 cases of baby food chicken
Courtney from ME--mom of our beautiful calicos. (KittyQ/Lacey,  Maui/Maddy,  Corbet/McKenzie,  Catsparella/Josie,  Althea/Allie and pictures of the kitties!--4 handtowels, 6 bath towels, 2 rugs--all colorful, pack of washcloths, 4 rolls packing tape, 2 packages 6 inch plates and 18 scratch free sponges
Deb11111--18 containers of Lysol wipes--we use alot of these!
Oilsandsgirl from Canada--2 cases of 600 kitty wipes and 24 large cans of Chicken of the Sea Tuna
Betz from PA--a spa day for Jacci (extra thanks, Betz--I'll thoroughly 100% enjoy this!)
Anonymous Friend-6 wonderful cases of baby food meat
Vickie B/nyckitty45 from NY--6 cases of baby food meat (our supply is growing!)
Little Bit--sent a memorial stone for Albert's Garden for Little Bit, our kitty
Sally M from CT--with letter "Story of making a difference in one life".  Thank you, Sally.
Sally & Ken H from NJ--with Cricket, Sabrina, Brandy & Elorie--note and a donation
Linda S from FL with Weya--note with a donation
Donna C from FL with Mamie & Cassie Cat--card with a wonderful note and a donation
Linda A from OH--card and a newspaper article about Puss n Boots (read it--it's great)
Sherry and David from NY--card with a note. 
Cheryl L from WA--Peace card and Irish Blessing pocket card
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes and coupons
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--lots of coupons

We've also had some PayPals that have been sent to us.  Thank you!
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Spike and Missy
Christine L from UK--donation in memory of Spike
William W from IA--donation for FFRC, in support of our work
Furkitty & Cathouze--donation in memory of Missy
Arden & Charmaine from IN--for helping the CH kitties
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation for FFRC
Donna S from MA--donation for anything Paul needs
Michelle & Vincent B from CT--donation for FFRC

Because of no blog for yesterday, we need to still give thanks for Tuesday's BOXES.
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--kittypod lavender pillow (I LOVE it!)
Sonjamac Express Chew Chew from Canada--2 cases Friskies, for the kitties to get their round FFRC tum tums!
Oilsandsgirl--Diamond indoor dry food, case of Fuzzy Cat can, case of Fancy Feast, case of Science Diet kitty salmon (Magenta likes it too), 3 cases baby food, 2 bags All Mighty pacs HE detergent, 6 containers OLysol wipes, box of Mr. Clean Erasers, 4 bottles Tide HE detergent and 2000 six inch paper plates
Mary/midwestergirl & Michelle--a mountain of goodies and more purchased with garage sale proceeds. It was wonderful and much appreciated!
Sue S--case of Fancy Feast Classic can food
Liz G--40 lbs Precious cat litter
Littlefrank from Canada--postie notes, tablets, note cards, stuffed tiger cat for Juby, stuffed horse and squirrel for Teddy Bear & Little Bit, now to be shared with other babies, sticky tags, card for Carrie and Paul

We have two new little babies. They are 8 1/2 weeks old and have come from right over the Kentucky border. Angie and Bill drove there yesterday to pick them up for us. One is called Bugg, a torti, female and sure knows how to play! The second one is now called Lorenzo (after Angie/Bill), a gold tiger who has CH. Lorenzo reminds me alot of how Derecho was at his age. We tested them right away last night and both are negative. This morning they will get their bath and vaccinations, then spend a couple days in Thumper's Room to acclimate to us, with lots of TLC. They are really so very sweet. Welcome, Bugg and Lorenzo!

This Saturday is surgery day. We will be making our list this morning of who will be spayed/neutered, along with their weights today. We also will have a few physicals to do. Dr. Darcy is planning on bringing a gold/white cat with her for FFRC to take in and care for. This sweet cat was hit by a car yesterday and left on the road. Someone saw her and realized she was still alive. Her poor head got the impact of the car. Her upper palate is fractured as is her lower jaw. Her tongue was almost severed. Dr. P to the rescue with his phenomenal surgery skills. She's all put back together, complete with a feeding tube that's been inserted. She's unable to eat by herself right now due to the huge swelling of her tongue. Chris at Dr. P's has named her McFee. I got to see her yesterday as she was recovering from surgery. Such a pretty girl. Maybe around 8-9 months old.

Little Poppy continues to get stronger. She plays now and her energy level is pretty good. The littlest one, Minto is starting to eat a little by himself. Allie, Emily and Daisy are now good friends with all 4 of the youngest kittens. We will let Lorenzo and Bugg join this play-group and then there will be 9!

Viola has passed the test--she is a full fledged very caring mama cat now. It's so nice too that we can leave her pen door open so she can come and go as she pleases. She's very nice with the other cats--not mommy-cranky at all! Her kittens are starting to toddle about. 

Kwee started packing her bag to go to her new home, but I told her to hang on, it's too early yet! She's going to have a great home with Courtney. Kwee has to pick out a friend to go with her.  Next week Beartoe and a friend will also be leaving. 

I just want to thank you all for what you do for this Rescue Center. I would've never dreamt that such feelings of friendship, love and compassion could come thru the cam and chat and facebook, but it does. I see the chat--you are all so kind to each other. I see what the mods say--being so helpful to the chatters and so welcoming, the admins taking care of the facebook and guiding people, I see the sharing of pictures and feelings in facebook, I feel and sense the real compassion you have for the cats---all I can say is, is that the cats and I are proud to call you all friends. 

Taken by Mary C--in facebook   This is Merlyn.