Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weds., Sept. 11 3rd post for today

Sept. 11, Weds. 3rd blog for the day.

I feel I need to keep you up on what is happening with Teddy Bear. Yes, he had a 

great day yesterday. Remember our big worry is--what will happen when his body 

starts to grow and his red blood cells cannot keep up. Well, that is becoming an issue 

today. I have been talking daily with our vet about Teddy Bear.. Since he gained a 

few ounces in the last week, we were hopeful. On Monday, we had made a decision 

with our vet. If he's not remarkably better on Weds., the vet clinic would try to do a 

transfusion. Today his weight is down 2 ounces and he's off his feeding, really isn't 

too interested. 

So.......he's scheduled for 11:00 tomorrow for a transfusion. They will TRY to do this. 

His veins are tiny tiny. We don't have a lot to lose by trying. I know I was able to get 

3 drops of blood from him 1/2 week ago for his leukemia/FIV test, but to actually 

get sufficient blood into him is going to be difficult. Plus, no sedation, plus we don't 

want him to struggle. We also need to send a donor cat, which will be Whisk. He's 

good natured, has a good weight and is big. 

With cats, they do have blood types, but with a first transfusion, any cat can be 


I would like to add something about rescue work. I know some people want 

FFRC to be all peachy fine and no problems and that there's never any sickness or 

death. Well, I would love that too. I would dearly love that. Rescue work is not 

always easy. It can be hard grueling work. But, the benefits are wonderful--happy, 

healthy cats and kittens finding their forever homes. The purrs, the kitty kisses, the 

love given and received--it's priceless. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. My heart 

is broken so many times. It's hard to deal with the loss, hard to tell others and it's 

hard to have such a worry about the medical issues that we have to deal with. But, 

it's still my passion and I will keep on with it. 

I love rescue work, I invite you all to stick with us and to continue to love these cats 

and kittens. I realize this has been a tough week, so we need our cam friends, chat 

friends, fb friends even more. And send prayers and good thoughts for Teddy Bear.