Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday, September 15

These cats and kittens are crazy wild today! Running, playing, fussing, jumping--absolutely crazy. But, we sure do like that! Ming is even cruising about, with his tail as always, hugging the right side. He looks so happy! 

The 6 babies of Viola's have their identity now! Yeah--they are happy. They're also playing with each other. Not much cuter than chubber kitties on their back, with their legs in the air. Their birthdate is 8/21. 
Camilla, female, white/calico
Carlton, male, white with lots of black pokie dots
Clark, male, white with less black pokie dots
Cashel, male, all black
Clayton, male, grey tiger with white toes/throat
Callen, male, black tiger
Viola is doing awesome--she's still nursing them and she's cleaning them. She gets an A+ today!

Happy Birthday to 4 of our Covies. Charlie is now 6 years old. Honey is now 10 years old. LaDonna is now 6 years old. LeLe is 9 years old. 

We had BOXES last night. Big thanks to each of you--you are appreciated.
Arden & Charmaine--4 cases of Friskies, shredded chicken with gravy
Rebecca and her cat Willow--case of Fancy Feast classic, case of Chicken Soup adult cat
Ang Chu Fen--big bag of Purina One kitten
Janet A--big bag of Purina One Indoor, case of Fancy Feast classic, case of Fancy Feast kitten, case of Friskies Good morning, case of Friskies chicken bits and a case of Friskies salmon
Miss Bekkah's Corner--donation of cat toys--6 crocheted balls. Address:
Ellen/ABQcat--Happy 9th birthday card for LeLe and a Walmart gift card to share with her Covie friends!
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--sent 3 birthday cards, each with a birthday cash gift! One for Charlie, one for Honey and one for LaDonna and LeLe
Ladydoc--compliments of ladydoc--a portrait by Wanda of Doce for Kellen
Dawn E, volunteer--rhubarb pie for Beth/eaglewatcher
From the FFRC kitties--a beautiful bouquet of flower, with "love You Momma Jacci"  I LOVE it!
Justme0252--a donation to be used where needed
Elkskates--a donation in memory of all the kittens who have passed this year. Hugs to her cats Bridgette, Natasha and Savannah
Anonymous Friend--a donation for medical needs
Gusti--a donation for Kukster's birthday, for treats!
Midwesterngirl/Mary & Michelle--visitors for a few days!  Face wipes, stickers, paper plates, towels, PT, clorox wipes, water fountain, cat frame, bowls, cat snackers, tunnel, hand disinfectant, 2 cases of A/D, beautiful hand made scarves!, 100 of the 30 gallon trash bags, book-Making Rounds with Oscar. 

We have more names!Paul brought in 4 cats 2 weeks ago. The mama cat is known as Paula Girl. The 3 kittens are:
Allie, female, tiger with a golden dot on her forehead
Emily, female, tiger with a golden dot on right shoulder
Daisy, female, grey

Spike hasn't been feeling the best. This week, we've given him fluids three times. He has also lost a little bit of weight. to the vet's he goes. He has an appointment tomorrow morning with Dr. Pettigrew. He'll figure out what's going on with our Spike boy! 

We also had two adoptions today! Our wonderful Dahnay finally found her home along with Paula Girl. They went with a lady who has lots of time to baby these two adults. I decided today that I'd like to deliver these two special cats to their home. Both have a bit of a tendency to be shy and I just wanted to be sure they were comfortable. So, a short road trip and we were there! At first Paula Girl went under a chair to hide. And Dahnay stayed in my lap. After just a short bit of time, Dahnay was up on the couch and sitting fairly close to her new owner! After I coaxed Paula Girl out, she then found her spot on the window ledge, looking outside and seemed relaxed. Paula Girl spent lots of her time just relaxing in the window sills in the room that she's been in. I'll get an update tomorrow!

We also had an adoption yesterday! Navi found a home! She is going to be one spoiled kitten, which is just what we want! She went to a home with a gentleman that is home all day and really needed a kitten to sit in his lap and for him to play with! I think Navi will fit the need.

Our 2 Mc kittens, McSplish and McSplash are doing great. They are growing taller and rounder. I do believe if one stumbled, they would roll like a rubber ball! 

The 2 newest kittens now also have names! They are bunkmates now and really like to cuddle together. The tiny gold tiger, male is now known as Minto. The long hair female, black is now known as Poppy.  Minto's birthday is 8/21/13 and Poppy's birthday is 8/14/13. Minto arrived with so many fleas on her. Her appetite is fairly good and she has gained a few ounces already. 

In Facebook Chatters page, by Diana Catalina Ramos! I love it!