Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday, June 6

Here a pee, there a pee, oops, and there's "something else". Oh well, it happens! Yes, we are very aware that we have a couple cats here that have "accidents". We know that Cozarelii loves to pee on rugs--he especially loves those blue rugs. We also know that Ada Jane truly enjoys peeing on the laundry, especially if it's still warm out of the dryer! And Bella--if you see her scooting by you a hundred miles an hour, you can be assured she's on her way to find a corner to do her daily "tootsie roll" job. Do we wish they didn't do this? Sure! Do we mind cleaning up after them? Certainly we do not mind. Keep in mind that these cats are residents and we are totally committed to their care, whatever direction that takes us in. And by the way.....they are very very sorry!

We received our Petfinder Reprt. The top 13 cats viewed were: Polo, Spruce, Karena, Ruthie Ann, Zelda, Tabitha, Goodness, Haylow, Arden, Keesha, Sara, Ratchet and Octavia.

The goods are delivered! Yes, the Pushie twins are now in their new home in Maine. Sounds like all is well. I chatted with Jan/Slickie this morning and she said they follow her around everywhere! Sounds perfect to me! Connie is still on her way back to Ohio. She spent last night in New York and should make it home today. I'm eternally grateful to Connie for making this long trip. I knew those PushieBabes were in the best hands, with Connie.

The cookbooks are in! The cookbooks are in! Yes, they have arrived and they are beautiful books. Colleen/Leenie did a superb job on them. Many thanks too to Sherry/Nikka, Linda/Goss, Sonja and Catherine for your part in helping Leenie with this huge job. We'll be packing and sending them very soon. How exciting!

There goes another layer of cardboard ring from the cardboard cat bowl bed. They love these beds to sleep in. Then for whatever reason, someone starts to chew on the edges. That's the beginning of the unrolling of the cardboard bed. It takes them days, and what fun they have doing it, but they will persist, layer after layer until it's completely disassembled. Cats.........what will they figure out next?! I saw something funny and had to laugh before I went and rescued them. Four of the little kittens--Melia, Malia, Titoes and Tippytoe climbed up the hemp pole, got to the very top, then froze. Meow, meow, meow--how on earth is the proper way for kittens to get down? Just holler your little heads off until someone comes by and lifts you down! It worked!

Today is Cliff's birthday. He is 5 years old now. Cliff arrived when he was 1 years old. His mama had passed away and his family asked if we would care for him. Cliff arrived as a "distant cat", wanting to stay away from us, but still enjoying the food and companionship of the cats. It took him a little while to realize that those chin scratches and ear rubs are really nice after all! He's a wonderful boy and we're glad he's here. Cliff is the only cat that I've known that has a cleft lip. It doesn't extend into the upper palate and does not cause any problems for him. He's our orange Porchie cat.

We had BOXES last night! LOTS of boxes, so we started early at 5:30! What a great time I had and also humbling. I am constantly amazed at you all "out there" that know our need and help us with this.
Gusti from Germany--donation for Joline for food & treatment and s donation in honor of the birthday cats Cliff and Kiara.
Renee C/jakesmeowmy --donation to be used wherever needed
PSW--donation to FFRC
AbbyTabbysMama--2 Kuranda beds for Cat's Cove, 4 cases of KMR 
Kenneth M--donation to FFRC
Deb11111-7 cases of Friskies--a variety
Maya--day visitor (Shelley's daughter)--2 bags of Purina One adult
Val & Shelley--day visitor--three 32 count cases of Friskies and 2 other cases of Friskies
Barbara B--8 cans of KMR
Susan 345--1 case of KMR
Auntie Julie P/tigercat--fish shaped scratcher, 2 cases of 2 inch Scotch packing tape and 3-pack Lysol
Newfiedogmom--Royal Canin Baby cat dry, 6 cans of KMR, 2 cases of Appetizers
Sandra B/Angelwinks--For the catathon--Hello Kitty Beach towel, 2 packs of Purrpads, Webkin (kitty), mouse unter toys, Cat kitchen brush FOr the dog Catathon basket: blankie, lots and wonderful doggie toys, slumber pad, mug with dog print, crate mat with bumpers. A Leopard skin poof, Temptation snackers and a Laurel Burch Travel bag/purse, kitty tumbler--extra thanks!
Sandra E--For the Catathon, a Hello Kitty beach towel. For ffrc-2 bags of Royal Canin (baby cat/kitten), case of Friskies tuna
Ellen/furkitty and Pat/cathouze from FL--case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp, 2 containers of Tide HE
Janet S & Toby & Harley from IA--for the Smurf Catathon Basket: 5 figures on blister pack, pack of die cast metal figures and 7 figures on blister packs--all collector items! Also a bag of Iams/kitten
Connie S--12 cans of KMR
Tom E--20 cans of KMR
Aleda--2 cases of KMR
Anonymous Friend--Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Litter/40 lbs.
MLS960/Linda--egg cartons (lots and lots) for our farm eggs and for packing in Mail Room!
Anonymous Friend--handmade Mirror (it's beautiful), handmade blankies for babies, Cozarelii, Solee & Walter, special blankie for Kellen to help with Doce, peacock files, bathmat for Kitty Kastle, kitty note cards, toys for Walter & Pania, white crocheted baby afghan. Cathathon--2 packs cupcake papers, baby snowman hat, cat Sitter DVD, purple & salmon floor mats
Jeannette B--another case of Evo for Gallant (to enhance his healing)-special thanks
Priscilla G/PrissyPurdue--2 cases of baby food, 2 cases of kitten can food
Penny B--3 hair clips that look like hats-yellow, pink & purple, 2 packages Glucosomine doggie treats, 1 case of Gravy Lovers, 1 case of Purrfectly Chicken, Iams Natural dry cat food
Justme0252--Box of Temptation snackers, bag of Royal Canin kitten dry, case of Tiki variety, case of Fancy Feast kitten can
Darlene M/kittygirl7--8 cans of KMR
Courtney and kitty cass from Maine--48 count Friskies Pate
Mike & Bonnie, day visitors from Wooster, OH--donation for FFRC needs and a beautiful wicker loveseat and plantstand! Thank you!
Tabbycatkid--a purple Immersion blender to help us make kitty gruel! 

Here's the latest construction news: mop boards are all the way in. We're waiting on the cabinets, cupboards and countertop to come in. The furnace guys were here all day yesterday. They'll be back again today. The air conditioner works! Today the furnace will be completed (hopefully won't need that for a long long time!). We are getting each of the two new rooms organized. It's hard to complete them until the cupboards/cabinets/counters arrive.

The walk thru gate is now complete, that hooks up with the new sidewalk that leads to the Cove. The stone is also now spread about and butted up to the sidewalk. The front sidewalk is not quite complete. We're trying to find someone who can come and grade the new dirt on top (it's very chunky yet) so we can seed and straw it. It's a work in progress!

We're working on organizing the Catathon Baskets and the Big Ticket Items. Jenni is also working on getting the pictures taken so everyone can see the Baskets and Big Ticket Items.  In addition to the picutres, you'll see a list of the contents of the baskets. Angie and Bill are writing the contents which is a big job. We've confirmed the two big tents, the porta pots, the computer guy that will help, the telephone company that will put in 8 extra lines and the confirmation of the big 50 inch TV that will show the Catathon. It's coming together! This Sunday is two weeks prior to the Catathon--that's the day the items that are $28 and under will go up for pre-sale! All you'll need to do is go to the website and click on the button!

Remember you can pre-register still for the Catathon. This is simple and can be done thru our website at  This simply saves us time when we're looking for your name and information to mail items to you. This information will NOT be shared with anyone else.

Oh, and by the way, Solee says she's very sorry in advance, because she potties sometimes inappropriately too! But, she's more polite than Cozarelii, as she does it off cam! Gotta love these cats!