Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday, June 4

Wow--what a day we had yesterday! Talk about a busy entire day and very productive. The electric was down for about 2 1/2 hours, but we now have juice to the new Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room! So very nice to have the lights working now! The mop boards went on. As soon as that was done, we started moving things in. Shelves, lots of shelves, desk, pens, surgery equipment, Store inventory, tables--lots of things! It looks wonderful but we're not done yet. Have more painting to do, have to wait for cupboards, cabinets and counters to be put in next week. But, it's so very wonderful to be getting partially moved in.

We also had two adoptions--Polo and Goodness found a home together. They should do just fine and already had a phone call late last night. Both of the cats were napping on the back of the couch! That in itself made for a good day.

I wanted to let you know too that Doce is back. He had went home with Caryn and the girls on Friday. But, even before they left, his little bum was not right again. They still wanted him to go home with them, but he came back yesterday. This back and forth business is too hard on Kellen, Doce will be staying here as her cat. He will again have his bum checked by our vets, but it truly appears to be again, a "lax holding" of the anal sphincter muscles. This is something we really can't fix. So, he will be an FFRC/Kellen cat.

We also took in another cat on Sunday. This is an adult 2 1/2 year old calico Sphinx. Her owner has passed away. She was always vetted at Dr. P's where Chris T (a friend to FFRC) works at. It was always known that if this person passed away, Chris would take care of this cat, or if she was unable to, it would be a cat-friend to me as a permanent resident. So, Zecia is here. I have her in the house right now, so that she and I bond. I want her to know she has a new mama in her life and that she will be loved. She does show interest in coming out to the rescue center, so you may see her visiting!

We had BOXES last night! We are a grateful rescue center for these doantions!
Courtney T--three 12 packs of Friskies
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--12 cans of Tiki can food
Lois L--12 cans of liquid KMR
Jacksmom--2 cases of KMR liquid
Priscilla G--case of Appetizers, case of Friskies tuna/egg and a case of Friskies chicken
Hope--thank you card and a donation
Melissa B from OH--coupons
Laura/medic and Belinda/Lemon (overnight visitors)--Reese's Pieces (big bag), baby cereal, baby meat, kitty snackers, dog snackers, gallon water jugs, kitten can and a Pet Supply Plus gift card

Connie D (volunteer) is on her way with Pushkins and Pushkiss, to be delivered to Jan/Slickie in Maine. I heard from her when she was in Penns. and New York. More driving today with a delivery of the twins to their new home. I'm so thankful to Connie for offering to do this.

We also sent 3 cats to college yesterday. They are Weeja, Kitty Q and Whisk. They will be back on Thursday. This is a new week for the vet tech students and they will be learning techniques on how to hold a cat. They will FIV/leukemia test them again, do a full fecal on them, microchip and another full physical. This is at no charge to FFRC. Good experience for the cats and good experience for the students.

We have lots of cats and kittens on hold! So exciting to think of these cats having new wonderful homes. It's time to reveal the names of those that are on hold! Gallant, Abbott, Pixel, Bearta, Zsa Zsa Meg & Fiona (2 together), , Kitty Q & Catsparella & Maui & Ginger (all 4 together!),  EB & Vincent (2 together), Yeah for good adoptions!