Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weds., June 20

Joline and Kukster are doing great! They made their trip to the vets yesterday. Joline should feel so much better as they found her remaining back teeth were not healthy. So, out they came. Her canines and incisors are left. We have had some concern with a tissue growth in her mouth, so two biopsies were taken. We should know the results by the end of the week. She ate last night for us and ate a decent breakfast! She's had a long acting antibiotic given. She's had lots of holding.

Kukster had an x-ray of his rear leg. It was determined that he could have this fracture pinned. It's a bit of a fragile pinning--no jumping at all for 3 weeks. That will be difficult, but can be done. Right now he is in Dodger's Pen. He ate a real good breakfast. We are keeping him on soreness meds. What a sweetie--he's not a complainer, just a purrer. Kukster loves to rub his face onto your face!

Oh my, these kittens are rascals today. They are into playing rough with each other. If one is crying for help and we break it up, only to see the one that was crying is now the "leaper on the pile kitten"! I think they are all instigators and love it!

Today will be a treatment day so we can get caught up on vaccinations, wormings, etc. We will also do a good bit of nail trimming too. They'll all be groomed this week. Afterall--we want them all gussied up for the Catathon and the visitors!

One of the very hardest parts of this Rescue is when we lose a kitten or a cat. It's very hard on me, as I myself am sad. Then it's hard because there's others that need to know this information--our volunteers and our webcam viewers. The reason I feel that it's important to pass this info on, is because you yourself are involved with FFRC--you KNOW these kittens and cats too. So, with a very heavy heart I need to let you know that we lost Tippytoe last night. She has not been feeling good for a number of days. We've treated appropriately, but as you know, with viruses, it's a hard world for these kittens. Their immune systems are not up to par yet and it's hard for some to fight it off. These viruses are my enemy and we go full speed in trying to keep our kittens healthy. She was held as she passed, which is somewhat a comfort. 

The Catathon is now FOUR days away. Are you ready? There's still time to pre-register. Go to our website and look for the link. It's easy! It's not necessary to be pre-registered, but it'll make it easier for the phone callers. While there on the site, check out the pictures and descriptions of the Baskets and Big Ticket Items. 

Remember that surprise I mentioned? Won't be much longer now. I should know more on Thursday and will let you all know about it as soon as I can! 

On Sunday, we had an adoption. Calidora went to a wonderful home! On Monday, EB and Vincent went to their new home together! Wonderful, loving homes for our kitties. We still have 13 more kittens on hold. They are: Gallant, Caliboo, Abbot, Pixel, Zsa Zsa.  Then we have a couple going out together. Kohart and Danika will be adopted together. Kitty Q, Catsparella, Maui and Ginger will be adopted together as will Fiona and Sammie. I'm very happy about all these upcoming adoptions.

Rufus and Bixley are tussling--each think they are the toughest. I just saw Melia go over and pounce on  both of them and scatter them. The girl wins! Kenco, Sammie and Fiona are fast asleep beside them, totally unaware there's a cat-fight going on beside them. Oh, the peace of the sleepyheads! 

Cookbooks were sent out last week. If you have not received yours, please don't hesitate to let me know--simply e-mail me and I'll check into it. If in the past, you had placed an order and things are still not right, let me know. We aim to have the orders correct. Thank you.

The sun is shining, the day is wonderful, the cats are happy and we have great volunteers and supporters. It's going to be a good day! 

Jamie Farr  LPGA  A one of a kind picture.  Big Ticket Item #225 in Rounds 3 and 4.

A pencil sketch of our Putter!  Big Ticket Item 219  Rounds 3 and 4

Pet Bunny Fun/Food Basket #123, in Round 4