Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday, June 1

Happy June--Catathon Month! It's coming!  Catathon 3 is June 23, Sunday from 1:00 to 4:30 ish. Please mark your calendar. It's guaranteed to be fun and exciting! You can now pre-resgister for the Catathon. Just go to our website: and check out the form. If you think you'll be ordering anything for the Catathon, this form will make it easier for us to have all the information correct. We do NOT share any of your info with anyone else. Then, about 2 weeks before the Catathon, the pre-orders of set-priced items will be available for you to order! We have 19 items that are all priced $5 to $28 that you can purchase out-right, without bidding on them! We'll be showing these items on the cam. During the Catathon, these same items can still be purchased, along with the Baskets and Big-Ticket Items! We'll be showing you the Baskets and Big-Ticket items also this month, plus they will be on the website soon.

Yesterday, throughout the day, we showed the six big boxes that Peggygal sent us. These boxes were stuffed full with more Leggydews! Awesome! They will be up for pre-sale and at the Catathon too! Beautiful designs. This will be a bit different though than the Day Sales. Here, you'll indicate if you'd like a boyish design, a girlish design or a "doesn't matter" design"!

We had BOXES last night! So many thanks to you!
Julie P/tigercat54--40 count container of knit rattle balls
jbr--stethoscope for the new extended Thumper's Room
Nancy/kerswill & Tom--letter from Domino--Hills balance kitten food, hand crocheted white dress for Baby Molly, "Catitude" necklace made by Kim, Artist from "Imagine That". For the kitty basket-purple mouse toy, blue sweater bed. For the baby basket-hand crocheted baby fishermen's stitch baby sweater, 2 bubbly baby security blankets made by Denise, artist from "Imagine That". For the Kitchen basket--tea pot and beautiful tea cozy, 2 tins of tea, kitty apron, beautiful blue potter bowl set made by Karen, artist from "Imagine That", lemon picnic basket and lemon paper plates, napkins, tablecloth. For the Hello Kitty Basket--jumbo coloring book, activity book, Kittens busy Day book
Isabel H from FL--bird card, letter to Gallant and a donation for Feliz Navidad Fun
Pirjo & Pepe from FIndland--kitty card
Julie C/Auntie Julie--for Magenta: card and gift card from WalMart, 3 books of stamps
Deb11111--16 cans of KMR
Angelweeks/Sandy--For Hello Kitty Basket--tape, uno card game, bandages, tattoos, bag, peel and stick wall decals, snuggle blanket, travel mug, water cup
Caren F--pop up kitty cute, 3 cases of Friskies (2 pate, 1 salmon)
Sandra B--for the Hello Kitty Basket: flavored lip glosses, flashlight.  Royal Canin Kitten, 2 cases of Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Friskies
Newfiedogmom--case of Friskies
Conii from FL and Madissyn and Elliott--Kitty Card. For Derecho: feather toy.  For Butterfly room: butterfly string toy.  For Solee: coil springs!.  For kitty Catathon basket: Laurel Burch feather/stick toy and hanging toy.  Decorations for Catathon: multicolored rainbow spinners (1 diamond, 3 circles, 2 hearts and 4 long spinners)

Also many thanks to:
Janet C from VA--PayPal donation to help with all the kittens
Nigel W from UK--PayPal donation
Ingrid S/Ju-in-ji--PayPal donation in honor of County's birthday for Feliz Navidad Fund

We had our weekly Petfinder Report! The top 13 cats that were viewed were: Raza, Haylow, Spruce, Goodness, Montana, Zelda, Octavia, Maui, Dove, Tabitha, Polo, Ruthie Ann, Dahnay.

Here's an FYI: Plain and simple--ALL fundraisers must go thru me before being posted. We want to be sure to be aware and approve of what's going on for FFRC. Only fundraisers that have been approved by me will be mentioned in the blog or our website...this ensures that if it's not in the blog or FFRC's website, it's possible that anything else you are seeing is fraudulent. There may be sites using FFRC's name to raise funds fraudulanty, so stick to the Blog and our website! If you have a question, never hesitate to e-mail and ask!

Are you ready for this? Kitties, kitties everywhere! And we have names and birthdates!
The 2 kittens and 5 kittens together:  (in Dodger's Pen)
Melia           long haired black tiger, female   birthdate 4/16
Malia           long haired black tiger, female
Courbet       muted calico, female    birthday also 4/16
Little Hank   slate grey, male  (like Hank, the Porchie)
Hankster      slate grey, male
Whobe         white/beige  (combining white/beige)  male
Rufus          red/orange, male

The 1 kitten and 5 kittens together:  (in Thumper's Room)
Pixel           calico, female   birthday 4/25/13
Bearta         black tiger/white, female rt. front paw inside toe is tiger marked 4/25/13
Beartoe       black tiger/white, male    full white toes
Titoes         black tiger, /whitemale (pronounced tee-toes)
Tillytoe       black/white, female
tippytoe      black/white, female   white tip on tail

Kohart        orange/white, male  2/20/13

Mix them all up and let them play together.............are you going to be able to tell them apart? My guess is NOT! I am even having a difficult time. It's very very important to not mis-ID them, as they are all on different schedules for vaccinations, wormings, tests, etc.  Because there are so many that look alike and many of them are very close in size, for the first time ever, we may need to put name tags on them. Don't like the thought of doing that, but it's possible that we may. They're all sweet, playful, healthy and happy.