Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's tomorrow! It's tomorrow! Catathon is almost here! The Baskets are brimming full. The Big Ticket Items are all awesome! Lots of excitement around here. Visitors starting to roll in. Kitties and cats are all brushed and have their faces and paws washed (had their Friday night baths!). Tents are up. Porta Pots in place. Yard mowed. Barns clean and are awaiting visitors. Balloons coming today. Oh my--lots of stuff happening. It's one of those zooming busy days, but we love it! Thanks to you all out there for helping to make this possible!

The cats are wonderful! Kukster continues to do well. His leg is healing. The vet says no jumping for 3 weeks. So far, it's been 4 days and he's already looking like he'd like to come out. We'll work on assisted walk abouts next week! He's a loverbug for sure.

The 4 kittens in the extended Thumper's Room are feeling better too. They can run around and look like blurs. But when it's name time, they crash all in a heap. They are still on antibiotics for their upper respiratory infection. 

Doce, Snappy and Whisk are tussling big time right by my feat. A pile of black/white. They're fur shines in the sunshine. 

The Covies had their run-about yesterday on the farmyard. We are so happy, as the Feline Fieldhouse (one of the rooms of the Cove), finally had the concrete poured. Before we had 210 blocks in there, none really spaced evenly and very uneven. Now, it's smooth and even! So much easier to clean and walk in there. The Covies are smiling too! This was a project on the list way back in the early spring. 

We had BOXES last night. We all are grateful for your generosity.
Caren F--2 cases of Friskies and 7 bags of kitty snackers
Cheri B--The monthly Spoiled Rotten Club sent another box! Rattle toy, dental cleaner, 3 kinds of snacks, can of RC adult and a can of RC intense beauty!
Jatcat--100 ct laminating big sleeves and 20 laminating pockets
kittymama2--Mr. Clean, Windex, Scotch brite pads, 2 boxes Bounce, Box of Mr. Clean Erasers, 2 lg. bottles Dawn soap, 3 Clorox wipes
Catloverhere--grip soft nail trimmers, 18 jars of baby food
Susan345--big case of Bounty paper towels
Tigercat54/Great Auntie Julie--case of Purrfectly Fish and a free gift of a can of Fancy Feast
GirlCanChant/JenD--Thank you card, letting us know she's going into a monestary for 3 months--we wish you well. Also sent her sponsorship and Name a Future Cat donation
Lillian M/Xenamolina and fur babies--a belated birthday card--extra thanks!
Geekjen from TX--card and a nice note, picture of her kitty Murtha and a donation
Conii with Elliott--kitty card and nice note. Also sponsoring MORE kitties, LOTS of kitties, including barn kitties and porchies!
Lori R/Loricat13--an awesome, wonderul fabulous poster of many FFRC kitties and all things FFRC. It took 3 months of drawing this poster. A wonderful gift. The original and 4 copies. One copy will go in the FFRC basket for the Catathon You have a beautiful gift.
Cheryl S from MD--a PayPal donation in memory of her Aunt Cindy
Charmaine and Arden B from IN--PayPal donation for helping with the new 4 kittens

The energy of these cats is just wonderful. It's amazing to me the joy that these cats and kittens bring to me and our volunteers and visitors. For me, there's nothing better than to be involved in animal rescue (except for my family!). 

Derecho is on the floor watching Sara and Ratchet play over a feathery toy. He's probably waiting so he can snitch it! Little Pumpkin just ran and landed on the back of Bixley. Zelda is grooming while basking in a sunshine puddle on the floor. KittyQ and Ruthie Ann are both watching birds in the Kabana Room. 

See you at the Catathon! Check out our website for all the information!

Baby Neutral Basket #132, Round #6

Big TIcket Item  Baby Doll #2  Cutie Pie #215    Rounds #3 and #4

Big Ticket Item #234, Simon's Cat book (author signed it)  Rounds #5 & #6