Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday, June 21

The surprise arrived! I was so nervous, because I was so hoping everyone would like the surprise. Many times over the last couple of years, people have asked for their very own t-shirts. We have volunteer shirts, so the webcammers have mentioned they would like their own shirt. Well.....that's what we did! They are just like the volunteer shirts, except the two places it says volunteers, it now says webcam viewers! They are a medium blue, very nice quality. We will get them in the Catathon's pre-order sales form today, complete with a picture of them. They come in sm, med., lg., x-lg., 2xlg, and 3xlg. Give us a bit of time this morning to work this out and then if you'd like to order one, we'll be ready! I'm so sorry--I wish I could give them away, but we do have to charge $20 (includes shipping).  Thanks ever so much for caring.

We now are two days away from the Catathon! Today is a very busy day. Hopefully, the cabinets, cupboards and counters will be in. If so, it'll take about 4 hours to install, then we can put things in their proper places. The Werlor (our big trash container) will be dumped so it'll be empty for a busy weekend. The two big tents will arrive this morning and be put up. Also the wonderful Porta-Pots will arrive. We will pretty them up with a bouquet of flowers! We will also make sure the 2 big screen tv's are ready for use for Sunday. Picnic tables will be put in place, benches to sit on and hopefully most of the last minute details will get done! Catathon..........we are almost ready!

We had BOXES last night! We are a grateful group here for your gifts. 
Anonymous--For the Catathon: Snowman wine stopper and a Berry Colander (collapsible)
Kittymama1/DebraM from AR--12 crocheted hot pads/wash cloths, 9 ruffles scarves in a variety of beautiful colors....these are for the Store and Day Sales.  Also a package of snackers for the cats.
Conii--wonderful Kabana wear vests for Derecho, Solee, Cozarelii and Walter--they will wear older styles today and tomorrow (lots of people will be holding them and want to keep the cats safe), but the new ones will go on them for Sunday.
Eaglespirit/Sally H from WI--special snackers for Sarah, Preakness, Joyful, Raza and Octavia. Gift for Damian and Kelly. Card with donation for leaf on the Giving Tree. Sponsorship for Joyful. Pictures of 17 FFRC cats, with really nice designs! Thanks, eaglespirit!
Anonymous Friend--2 sets of sheets, towel and wash cloths and bath mat for Kitty Kastle. For the Catathon--3 zoo animal pencils. 
Yvonne O--a visitor, lots of cartridges to recycle! 
LewBeth and Betsy, Catathon visititors!! Lots of things for FFRC--pretzels, can dog food, dog snackers, litter, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Cat Toys, Mr. Clean Erasers, hand sanitizers, Lysol Wipes, Laundry soap, Bounce, Capri sun drinks, Gatorade, cookies, PB crackers and candy bar, trash bags and kitchen bags. Wow--thanks!

The one thing that I am concerned about for the Catathon are the frequent ads showing up and that blue circle. Please know that we cannot control this--it is a Ustream issue, so I ask for your patience and understanding. Yes, the ads may get in the way of a last minute bid. Yes, that blue circle is a cause of irritation. But, please, this too shall pass and we will still be here! Remember, clicking to refresh after an ad will help! Sheriff Putter asked me to pass on that a requirement to Catathon-watching is patience! And you know....we must listen to our sweet Sheriff Putter! Thank you.

The next couple of days will be super busy, so please forgive me if I don't get all the e-mails answered. Be extra patient with the moderators and admins--they have a big job too to do for FFRC. The cats and kittens (well, not really the kittens) promised to be on their best behavior as our Catathon visitors arrive. Actually, I heard thru the grapevine that the kittens have planned some extra fast pace fun and games! And I'm also missing a whole container of Bonito flakes. I thought I smelled something fishy on Octavia's breath this morning, but she's not talking. Wonder what she has planned?! Remember the other Catathon's, Octavia made a grand entrance and displaced Big Ticket Items--she was so proud of herself!

Joline is sitting here beside me and she's looking quite happy. Hopefully today we will find the results of her mouth biopsies. Walter is curled up on my desk, taking a snooze. He looks so peaceful. Solee is here also, playing with her best toy--a coil spring. Doce is hanging over the perch doing the Badu-pose. Cutie is busy giving 3 kittens a bath. Life is good!

Painting  called Double Trouble, signed by artist.  Big Ticket Item #238, Round #5/6

Cat Basket #130, Round #6

Loads of Stickers! Basket #125, Round #5