Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boxes here, packages there, tape over on the counter, labels on the table--there's stuff everywhere--clear up to shoulder high! Yep--we're packing up the Baskets and Big Ticket Items the the items that were sold for the $28 and under. It's organized chaos. And it's all in the new Mail Room! We are loving it. The counter isn't secure yet, but the cupboards and cabinets are in. We love it.

The back Thumper's Room is starting to come together too. The kittens back there are loving all the cabinets and boxes being everywhere--they are great mountains to climb. By the end of the day--all should be secure to the wall and we can finish filling them up with our supplies!

Our little Catmandu had his surgery yesterday. Poor fella had a really nasty break. But his rear leg now sports a pin and two wires. He;s on a big cushie to rest on so he's quite comfortable. This is a really nice kitten--will come to the front of his pen to be petted, even thou it's less than 24 hours after surgery.

Oh my goodness--there are kittens galore here on my desk, so it's THEIR fault this blog is so late! I do believe someone has sprinkled bonito flakes and catnip on the desktop. I need a kitty babysitter! Do I love it? You bet!

We had BOXES here last night and we are thoroughly grateful!
Debra M/kittymama2 from Arkansas--a case of paper towels
Conii--a big orthopedic pad bed for Kukster, who loves it already
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of Mega Temptation snackers
Caren F--snackers for volunteers--40 count cookies
Debbie & Jim from GA--card with Althea kitty--deluxe pet comb, snackers for the cats, ring toys, skunk, squirrel and forest cat nip toys, nyla bones for doggies, egg cartons for mail room and 2 jars of Blistex lip balm
Anonymous Friend from count Friskies
Arden & Charmaine--6 bottles of Tide HE for laundry and 2 boxes of Bounce
Lena D from WV--huge box of chucks pads
Joann/joco51--another big box of chucks pads
Ellen C from UT--donation
Octavia with help from a Wisconsin friend--4 packages of 9-Lives can food, lots of big styrofoam plates, 5 cans of squeeze cheese, cans of clams, salmon and 2 bags of sardines and a forever comfy foam/gel seat cushion! For Amy--note from her kitties, microwave lunches and a bag of Hershey Kisses.
Nancy D from OH--donation
Sarah & Rob P from MO--coupons
Alan Z from UT--donation
Swankitty & Ron--congratulations card to everyone
Courtney--from Maine, who is visiting us this week--Thomas Train wooden set and Annie Leibovitz photographers Life book (for Day Sale), printer paper x3, magic erasers, snackers, RC food, fancy feast, pet shampoo/conditioner, Friskies, Tid soap, cat pet beds
Billypogo & Bonnie who was here for the Catathon and adopted Gallant--Litter, Purex, kiten bags, RC dry food, small paper plates, baby wipes, bleach, cat snackers, KMR, cat toys, Fancy Feast, Appetizers, baby food, PT, Clorox Wipes, Dawn soap and vinegar

Our evening was wrapped up by a lovely poem, written by Widdletiger, about  Zelda Belda--so sweet of you and I dearly loved it!

Fiona--just about ready to tape a nap!  What a beauty.