Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday, June 13

The storm is over for us. I hope and pray that everyone fairs well with these summer storms. Our storm started about 10:30 last night, then blew up into a big storm. Lots of rain and hard wind. I checked on the cats several times and finally went to bed about 12:30. Steve stayed up an extra half hour just to check on things. By that time, things had died down. So....we're all safe and dry and not blown away. All the trees are up, we'll change the bedding in Cat's Cove again so they are dry, a few small branches to pick up, but we faired very well for which I am thankful. 

The new t-shirts have arrived! We'll be getting a picture of them in the store very soon They are very nice. The colors are aqua and a warm grey. They are very good quality. 

We had a report from PetFinders. Here are the top 13 kittens/cats that were viewed. Arden, Polo, Goodness, Ratchet, Whisk, Sara, Zelda, Dove, Maui, Keesha, Octavia, Ruthie Ann, Karena. Wonderful cats!

Please remember to vote for Friends of Felines Rescue Center at   It was brought to my attention yesterday that I should mention our zip code, which is needed to vote. A good idea! Our zip code is 43512.  Thanks for your vote. 

We had BOXES last night, but it was a bit different! Please forgive me in advance as I know the following list is not complete. In anticipation of the coming storm, I was trying to hurry so I could check the farm yard one more time before dark. Also, the sound was very bad last night and then the internet went down. All was not well in getting all the gifts noted. Please, if this is incorrect or for those that I missed, feel free to e-mail me ( so I can correct it!
Katzrkewl--Hoops n YoYo card and pic of her cat, Fun Dip candy, 2 cans of KMR, cat snackers, lots of wonderful kitty toys, 2 catnip sprays, dental chew, address/planner book, silver kitty necklace, towel and a pop up tent for the kitties. For the Catathon: kitty plate, writing book, Cat sign: Can't Have Just One, cat magnets, notebook, Seek a Boo cat toy.  For me a beautiful metal and purple stone cross, Hoops n YoYo tumbler, Laurel Burch purse and a book
Anonymous Friend--2 bags of Royal Canin baby cat dry food
Littlebit20/Charlene--case of Fancy Feast turkey kitten and a new bowl scratcher bed!
Annamarie--for the Catathon: an awesome Kureig Machine, kitty and doggie mugs, carousel for the kureig cups and lots of coffee
Jacksmom--a Hoops n YoYo card, kitty angel stake for Alberts Garden, glass cat mirror, kitty books, 4 beautiful cat frames, 3 big animal print blankies .  Janet says a big thanks for her tin of sardines and that she will share them with her friends! 
Gloria--a birthday card for Putter and a donation to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Sould canned food (2 adult/2 kitten)
Anonymous Friend--boxes of scoopable Arm & Hammer 40 lbs.
Darla C--donation thru Paypal
Gusti from Germany--a blankie for Gallant and a blankie for volunteer Donna for taking Gallant to the vet.Barry S--a donation thru PayPal

Well, folks, that's all I have, but I know there was more at BOXES, when the net went down. I'm so sorry. Just e-mail me and we'll figure it out!  Thanks.

Gallant had his surgery yesterday. He did really good, just as expected. He has a lot of sutures, two different kinds. The area wasn't healing was removed and stitched together. Then with rubber drains, other holding stitches were put in to ease any tension on the main suture line. He has to wear his collar for a while. The holding stitches come out in 5 days, the others come out in 12 days. He's a bit swollen and bruised this morning, but he is doing good. What an awesome cat. He has endured so much and never with a grumble or growl. We just love him!

Won't be long until the Basket list and the Big Ticket Item list is on the website for you to view, complete with pictures and descriptions. Remember, anything that came in after the 5/20 date, may not show up in the picture as we started taking pics right away. We are so very grateful for these donated items for the Catathon. The Baskets and Big Ticket Items are awesome!

We have a surprise for all you webcam viewers, whether you are a chatter or a lurker!!  Want a hint?  It's something that some of you have asked me about several times!  That's all the hint you get!

Big  Ticket Item #222   Lucky Cat Series, artist Andrew Bell. Released 2 months ago. Android Mini Collectible

Basket #117   Men's/Golf Basket