Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weds., June 26

The cabinets, counters and cupboards are IN!!!  Yes, they really do exist. I was beginning to wonder. They have arrived and will be put together today. We will have lots of storage places for all the many items we need for the Mail/Store Room. I LOVE it.  And the extended Thumper's Room--what a great event! All of our medical things will be in one place--all organized so I don't have to hunt anymore. The laser equipment will also be in this room--will make it real easy to use. Our surgeries will be done here and the quarantine time too. But, to have a place for all our belongings--that is wonderful! I might just have to pull up a chair and watch every cabinet and cupboard being put in and enjoy it! Thanks to you all for helping to make this happen.

We will have BOXES tonight! Yeah! There's eight boxes right now by my desk and it's driving me nuts. None of them rattle, so I can't guess what's in them. I've shaken them several times! Tonight--6:00! 

Kukster is doing wonderful. He gets out of his pen 3-4 times a day, but under supervision as he mustn't jump. So far, he's behaving. This is a fragile fix and must have time to heal. Kukster is really a wonderful cat--so friendly. He'll curl up with the kittens on the poof to sleep with them.

Joline! Joline! She was almost doing cartwheels this morning! Her biopsy came back negative for cancer. I am so very thankful. It does show severe stomatitis though. This is a chronic, painful oral disease. Stoma means "mouth" and itis means "inflammation". It's thought to be an autoimmune issue. The feline immune system seems to overreact to dental plaque around a cat's teeth, triggering inflammation in the tissues of the mouth. It can appear as angry, red, swollen tissue. There is no cure, but we CAN and do treat it. There's various treatments that we use. We can also gauge how comfortable she is by watching her activity level (which this week is great!) and if she drools (which can mean her mouth hurts). We've dealt with this before and with the help of our vets will keep her comfortable. 

Gallant went to his new home with Billypogo and Bonnie yesterday. He has his flying wings now. You know, I love each and every cat here, but that Gallant boy was something extra special. The courage he showed each day of his treatments and his good attitude was nothing less than phenomenal. Gallant is a wonderful cat. Very hard to let that one go, but he's now in his new home. Thank you Billy and Bonnie. Gallant talked to Earth-Eyes who sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to me, from Gallant! Thank you so much. 

Camvie--what can I say about that sweetie? She's a speedy little ball of fur. Open the door and in she zooms. Open the other door and she zooms right on out. She thinks she's attached to our ankles. And all of this in a kitten less than 1 pound.She's still being syringe fed. I've told her she should be eating out of a dish by now, but that scamp....she actually laughed at me. So, we will continue to syringe feed her!

Butch, the newest black kitten has a really neat face-it's very angular. And his's long! He's a nice boy. A little unsure what those other 4 legged things are that want to play with him, but he's learning. 

Catmandu will go to the vet's today for his x-ray and then his surgery for repair of his rear right leg. He's such a dear--purrs and cuddles right into our hands. I know very well that that leg hurts, but he's on pain meds and is very tolerant. We gave him a bath yesterday and this morning I'll clip off the tar that's stuck to his fur. 

Little Titoes is slowly but surely recovering. He had the same virus that his sibling had that passed away. Just this morning, he was actually sleeping on his side which is a good indicator that breathing was easier for him. He's a determined boy!

We have thanks to give!
Gusti from Germany--a donation for a special blankie for Catmandu and to help with his soreness meds
Nancy/kerswill & Tom G--2 bags of Purina One kitten, case of Fancy Feast kitten, appetizers, orange cat bed, kitty chaise lounge, Jergens lotion, diabetic syringes, finch feeder sack
Gillian H from UK and from kitties Phoebe, Flo, Hugh and Louis--for Earth Angels 
Patricia Y/S--donation thru PayPal
Brooke B--for Derecho and for a special snackers for him
Diane F/hull286--a donation for FFRC and kisses to all the kitties!
Sir Gallant--a donation from him (!) for helping him get better! 

Olaf--one of our Porchie cats!