Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday, June 11

Off to college we go! Yesterday we sent 4 boys and 1 girl to be neutered/spayed and one cat to go for the full physical "deal". Those that went for their surgeries are: Kohart, Judson, EB, Bixby and Navi. They will be coming back this evening. AP went yesterday too, for the students to learn on a calm cat, the techniques of cat handling. While there, she will get microchipped, have full lab and fecal work done, etc. We may send another adult up for tomorrow for a 2 day stay. Oh....these cats come back from college ever so smart and snappy! 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had our concession fundraiser. Defiance has a major dance recital and we do the concessions for it. I believe this is our 4th year to do this. It keeps us busy, but it's a lot of fun too. We made $920.  What a wonderful event for us. I appreciate all the volunteers who took the time to be at the tables to help us.

The Cookbooks have arrived! How exciting. It took all day yesterday to pack, stuff, label and seal all the Cookbooks, but they are now ready to be sent to you! They will be on their way to you today! Thanks for your patience in receiving them. These are terrific books and are now available in our $28 and under sales for the Catathon. 

Our $28 and under pre-sales are now taking place. You can place your pre-order, but keep in mind that the items won't be mailed until after the Catathon. The reason is that we can save on postage by combining all of your items into one mailing! Just go to fofrescue.org/cat3/ and check out what we are offering. Lots of items, all for $28 and under! 

Please vote for FFRC! The Animal Rescue Site is having a short 3 week contest with the top 5 winners each receiving $1,000. This also is exciting! Go to: shelterchallenge.com   We are currently in 4th place. Please....put those fingers to voting power again! You may vote once a day. 

We had BOXES last night. Thanks galore is given to you!
Pauline/deptfordemans--card, 12 beautiful glass kittys, 5 glass hearts and 6 glass pendants--these are beautiful pieces of art and will be put up at a Day Sale. Thank you so much!
Geekjenn--2 three pack lysol wipes, 2 forty pound boxes of A&H litter
Oilsandgirl--2 cases Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, case of kitty wipes--864 of them!
Tigercat54/Julie P from TN--xlo bottle of hand sanitizer
Laura/Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Special Friend Hannah and her mom Jennifer from IN--card with dog and a hampster on his head and lots and lots of stickers!  For the Catathon Family Basket: boxes of candy, box of planters peanuts, buttered & kettle popcorn, 6 pk of 7-up, 6 pk of rootbeer and 4 DVD wonderful movies
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of KMR
Sandra B/angelwinks--Book: Heavenly Humor for a Cat Lovers Soul, big box of 13 gallont rashbags, 2 cases of Friskies Tuna
Holly W--For Coz, Solee and Walter, a card and their veryown personalized handmade blankets for each. These are awesome. Holly previously had made one for Derecho too, now they each have their own cuddle blanket!  For the Catathon: Yachet Club resort decorative house and a Kabana Birdhouse. For FFRC: tube of cat balls, wash cloths for kitties and a neat star master night light for the kitties, Hoops & YOYO card and a really neat Hoops & YoYo tumbler for me!! Gift for Farrah birthday--kitty card, snackers and toys. Gift for Derecho birthday--kitty card, snackers and toys. And a donation
Anna H from WA--book: Manual for Kittens and Strays, Why Cats Paint, The Silent Meow. For the Mail Room: stamps and priority mailers
Denise H from GA--card with donation for food, 7 bags of kitty snackers. For the Catathon: Hello Kitty items--lots of awesome things that will go with the Hello Kitty Basket (make up bag, barrettes, brush, pez toy, beauty set, etc.)
Teresa S, Jean W, Sparky and Lily--Sheriff Putter Birthday card and a donation
Trudy S from OH--donation
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Camille C from CA--coupons
Ruth L--Jack's momma and Ronnie--a thank you card to FFRC and staff for all the pictures and memories we've sent to Ruth. 
Annette B from NC---a wonderful, beautiful framed picture of Bondi for Bondi's Welcome Room Office! I LOVE it! 

Isn't it an absolutely wonderful thing how we as humans are different--every single one of us. Well, it's the same thing in the cat world. No matter how many thousands of cats that come our way,  not a one of them will be the same! It's a wonderful thing. But, because of that, it also brings a mass amount of cat personalities. We as humans don't always get along and neither do the cats.  Can you really imagine what we are asking of these cats? To come live in a community of many many other cats, to get along, to "play nice". It's a lot to ask of the cats and residents here. For the most part, the cats do just fine. So, when you see a couple of the cats squabble, or someone smacks someone else, or another cat chase down another one, just relax. Unless it's something fierce (which one of the mods will call me), it's all  a part of being alive. Please don't be judgemental or negative. We have built FFRC in the face of being positive!

The purple flower runneth over with kitties. I'm not sure what it is about the purple flower, but it always draws the kittens. Yesterday, I saw 7 kittens piled in at one time snoozing! On the floor was the red poof, with Bella in it and 2 kittens. I even saw Cutie bathing two kittens! Little Rufus was walking on the wheel yesterday with Paddy Cake sitting on the floor right beside the wheel, just watching. He was so patient. As soon as Rufus got off, on he went and zipped that wheel to full speed! I think he was showing off! 

Catathon Basket    Boys

Big Ticket Item  Charles Wycocki picture