Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday,, June 25

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Catathon is done and was very successful and I am so very grateful. What an extra busy place this has been. We've had lots of visitors and some are still with us! It was so very nice to have our family, volunteers and webcam friends here! All in all, the Catathon went just fine. There's a couple changes we'll make for the next Catathon that we've already been thinking about. This week will be busy packing up the orders and getting them sent on their way. I am still on cloud 9 and once again, I am humbled by your support of this Rescue Center. 

We had some fun during the Catathon, with a visit from a dancing chicken doing a gangster song. We also sang two songs (made by cammer Holly) called I've been Workin' at the Rescue and also Young McMoss. We had our 7 volunteer drawings and the 7 pre-registered viewer drawings. Those items will also be sent out soon. We had some surprises along the way which added to the fun. I was told we at one time at 1,109 viewers watching the Catathon. 

The total is in! It's also a bit different than announced after the Catathon. The reason is it's much easier to add the figures in the peace and quiet of a home to make sure figures add up right! The Grand Total from the Catathon was $23,115. Then we added in the store sales, donations that came in afterwards that day and the pre-sale which all allowed us to add in another $16,492.  This GRAND TOTAL IS: $39,607.  Wow, fantastic, awesome!!!!!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very successful Catathon! My promise to you is to use this money wisely and carefully. 

Here's an update on the cats and kittens:

Caliboo went to his new home with Val on Sunday. He will be a much loved kitten!
We are still waiting for Joline's biopsy reports which will likely come in today.
Little Camvie is awesome and is a blur of running on tiny spindly legs! She's still taking her syringe feedings and finally getting a little tummy on her.
Pania has her eye sutures removed--that incisional site looks great.
Intrepid now has his leg staples and his eye sutures removed. He may possibly have to have more surgery done on the eye, but we'll wait a bit and see. He's feeling better and looks healthier.
The URI for Merlyn is responding to medications and he's feeling better.
The 4 newbies--Althea, Pokie Dot, Dennis and Toby are doing great. Their energy level is good and they also are feeling better from their URI.

Then we have a few new ones that arrived yesterday.
Butch--a black, male kitten was found at a volunteer's place of work. She called and asked if we could take him in, as she couldn't get any work done because he was on her desk! So, Butch is here. He appears pretty healthy.
Canto--a gold/white kitten that we received a phone call about early in the morning. We went to the back of the Junior High School, and called him by Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.  Even before the second Kitty was called out, he was hollering his head off and running right to me! His poor throat is hoarse. Canto is a polydactyl (all 4 feet) and one of the sweetest kittens ever.
Catmandu--another gold/white kitten was found by a young girl who brought him in. Unfortunately he has a severely fractured rear leg that will require surgery. His appointment is tomorrow for x-rays and a surgery slot has already been given to him. His poor little leg hurts quite badly, so he's on soreness meds. This will also give us an extra day to beef him up a bit. A super nice, friendly cat. Just had the misfortune of meeting a car--he also has the telltale tire skids on his fur. 

There's a possibility that Gallant, Kitty Q, Catsparella, Maui and Ginger will be leaving yet this week.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do for FFRC. I love this rescue center and it means a lot to me to have your support. Each and every one of you are important to us. Thank you. 

Here's Judson--in the doorway to the Kitty Kabana Room, looking oh so sweet!