Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday, June 8

Happy Birthday to Putter! Happy Birthday to Putter.........and many many more! Today is an extra special day as it is Putter's birthday. He's the Sheriff of the whole place and he's the boss. We all just love him so much. He's already had two backrubs this morning and I brought him out for the viewers to see him. He truly gives the best hugs of any cat I've ever known. He arrived here in June 2010--a very sad cat. He could barely walk due to the severe mats that kept his legs from mobility. I felt he had "lost is light in his eyes". We knew he was an oldster, but felt it very important to get those horrible mats removed as soon as possible. He was given a very light sedative to help him relax. I remember vividly three times I put the clippers down, thinking this was an impossible feat trying to save him--he was in such poor condition. Even though his color was bad, he kept breathing, so I kept on working on him. The end of the story is.......he's here, he's happy and we all love him to pieces. He has much slowness to his gait, but he gets where he wants to go and can still stare a hole right threw you (it means I'd like to be picked up again and loved on, which we always do!). Occasionally, Putter still wants to come out to the rescue center (he still can smack a kitten and seems to "need" to do this to be sure those whippersnappers know who is still the boss), but he does spend most of his time inside the house now. He's a well loved cat by us all!Putter is now 16 years old.

Have you pre-registered yet for the Catathon? You can do so up until noon on June 22. This simply helps us to have the information needed, in case you win a bid or buy something outright. Remember, we have 16 items that are $28 and under that will go on our website on Sunday for as a pre-sale! Here's an incentive! Our wonderful friend, Canton has written another story. It's called Sheriff Putter Saves The Day! It's an awesome story involving many of the FFRC cats. There's only 3 of these booklets "out there". But, we are producing 6 more--just for YOU! If you pre-register, your name will be included in a drawing. Once every basket session, we will pull a pre-registered name out of a box. That person will receive a copy of this latest FFRC story! Please know that your information will never be given to anyone else. We respect your privacy.

Doce is doing great. We're keeping a sharp eye on his hiney to see what happens. Next Saturday is our Surgery Day--here at the rescue center. It will be a very busy day. AP/Animal Planet is here on my desk. She willingly shares it with Zelda. Gallant continues full treatments on the remaining area of his burn. It will be re-evaluated next Saturday.

Several times a day, we have 100% of all the kittens out running about. We do put them back in their various rooms and Dodger's Pen a few times a day for an extra feeding, nap time or bedtime. It's very interesting sorting out the 7 that goes in Dodger's Pen, the 7 that goes in Cat's Corner Room, the 6 sometimes 7 that goes in June's Room. Whew--it's exhausting keeping them all straight, but we must! So far, we haven't had to do the neck bands, but if we get one more orangie in, it's a possibility!

We had BOXES last night! We are so beholden to you all. It's quite humbling to see all the boxes that arrive. I never take these things for granted and am always grateful.
Cheryl L/Cherylann275 from WA--24 count Friskies Pate, gallon of Mr. Clean Fabreeze and 2 big 40 lb boxes of Tidy Cat litter
Eaglewatcher64/Beth from IL--SEVEN cases of Friskies--a great variety
Furkitty/Ellen & Cathouze/Ellen from FL--6 cases of baby food--a big help!
Brenda Q--box of Purrfectly Fish and a case of Friskies gravy sensations
Tina F with Peppy & Calli--3 Xl containers of Clorox Wipes, 4 bottles of Tide HE and a case of Bounty paper towels
Dave, Bonnie and Michael--egg cartons (for packing) LOTS of knitted blankies for adoptions!, 2 stuffed toys for Thumpers Room for baby kittens, 5 buckets with candy/chalk for granddaughters & Livy, 5 flannel baby blankies, XL box of a variety of band aides, package of photo paper
RoseSF6cats with Marble, Checkers, Pitstop, Brownie, Blackie and Fluffy--3 decorative bird houses for Catathon, 3 baby hats for Kelly and Molly, tuxie bookmark. For the Catathon: stuffed Smurf Boy, Sonic & Tails, kitty with rattle, rattlesnake with rattle in tail
Tom & Betty W from VA and Samantha (who will be 16 years old on 6/15!)--kitty card and donation to be used where needed
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday cards for Kiara & Cliff (these went up on the birthday door)
Jeanette M from OH--thank you card for helping with Melia and Malia and donation
Swankitty--kitty card for Gallant with a note
Isabelle H/BudnBits--Happy Birthday card for Sir Gallant of Orange. Prayers to St. Anthony will be said for his healing, for one whole year. And a donation for a special leggydew blankie for Gallant (he will pick it out himself by a visit to the Mail Room today!)
Kikimycat--birthday cards for Kiara, Cliff, Putter, each has their picture on it with a wonderful verse on the back.
Jim & Debbie, GA visitors yesterday and today--ladybug design puddler for butterflies for in the rock garden, handmade soap with flower in it, Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Lunch box with: card, lotion, peppermint in a Peacock tin, a beautiful tiger eye/crystal necklace and earrings, "Cat" ball cap, magnetic book mark, crocheted kitty coaster (like Zelda), 2 stone tokensin a crocheted bag, sterling silver angel (beautiful). For the rescue center--keurigg coffees, 2 glycerin soaps, washcloths, a stuffed toy for the Kabana room, flutter balls, Eagle flubber dog toy, lots of other dog toys, "Angel Cats" book, BIG bag of kitty toys, cat collars and a donation to be used wherever needed. Wow!

Apparently The Animal Rescue Site is doing a test of how they will run their next contest. They are having a short 3 week of voting. We are involved! You can go to   There will be top five winners, each able to win $1,000. The reason they are doing this? They have set up a new system of monitoring votes--this is a very good thing. You can vote only once a day. Please vote!

Little Kohart is a sweetie of all sweeties. He loves to be held and closes his eyes half way while being petted. Such a lover. Bearta and litter are soooooooo cute--that little bit of extra fluff on them is so sweet. They cannot get enough petting! Whobe is an ornery boy--goes around and any group of kittens that are playing, he just joins right in. When they tire out, off he goes to another group! Fiona, Meg and Sammie have roundish tummies now! Yeah for round tummies!