Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, June 2

Run, Covies, Run!  The Covies were out and about again yesterday on the farmyard. Some of them will run flat out at high speed--so fun to watch. That sweet Timothy is a doll. He goes up to everyone for a head rub and back scratch. What a nice cat. I've been teaching Sevaun a new trick and she's getting it! Whenever she walks up to people, she'll plop over onto her back. So I rub her tummy, tell her to "Play dead" and keep on rubbing her tummy. Most of the time, she'll relax--back feet splayed out, front feet just hanging there and her chin all stretched up. She's a smart girl and thoroughly enjoys it! I do too!

Melia, Malia, Courbet, Little Hank, Hankster, Whobe and Rufus are playing in the Kitty Kabana right now. They absolutely love the palm tree in there. It's their favorite thing. They may be small, but they're mighty! They take their naps back in Dodger's Pen. 

Then there's the Thumper's Room gang! These little babies are fiesty! Little Tillytoe will attack a ball and kick and kick it like a fierce cat. If you reach down to pet her while playing, she'll stop with the kicking and let you rub her tummy, then back to kicking! Pixel is so funny--she loves the feathery toys and drags them around in her mouth.

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks! 
Janet/Janak--2 Fancy Feast Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast kittn, case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, 15 cans of KMR, case of Friskies Salmon, 10 chicken temptation snackers. Thanks, Janet!
Kimkost and PeterPam--we had Kim and Pam as day visitors yesterday. Very nice to have you here. We also appreciated your donation that you brought with you: bird and cat book, bleach, paper plates, Mr. Clean, styrofoam plates, white vinegar, washclothes, Iams kitten, Natural Choice adult dry, kitty snackers, baby food, cat afghan, Friskies, 12 packets of Gravy Lovers, chips for volunteers, lysol wipes, dawn dish soap, 2 big boxes of envelopes and pads of paper. 
Swankitty/Chris and Ron 
were also here as Day Visitors--they brought quite a few items for the Catathon baskets--nautical, garden, golf and items also for a Day Sale. 
Cathouze and Furkitty--monthly donation thru PayPal for Farrah's care
Carol/cn1919--donation thru PayPal for whatever we need. Carol has recently been helping her local SPCA and been fostering kittens for them! So happy about that.

A big thanks to Bradley S from WA too--he has sent a kuranda bed tower to FFRC. We surely do appreciate this!!

Please know that if I've ever forgotten something, or have made an error or whatever may not be quite right, feel free to send me an e-mail! There is so so much mail that goes thru here and so many things happening, that it's very possible I may miss something! 

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We will be sending Pushkins and Pushkiss on their way to Maine. Also the electric guys will be here in the morning to work on supplying the new rooms with electricity. Remember, the juice will be off for 1-2 hours.  The mop boards will also be put on in the new rooms along with the two inside doors. There's a strong possibility of two other adult adoptions tomorrow morning too! Plus, we have 3 cats that will be going to college for a couple days. One will be Weeja, not sure of the other two yet. They will be used to practice how to hold cats for different techniques. While there, we will also get their microchips done and full lab work. Busy day!