Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday, June 20

The kitties all took a mad dash out of Kabana Room yesterday. The reason--a big, giant, scary peacock was looking in the window at them and then sounded off. Scared the poor babies. They probably thought that strange thing was going to eat them! But their curiosity got the better of them and it didn't take them long to venture out again. Such brave hearts!

Three more days to the Catathon! We've added a new item to the Cathathon store. Thanks to Cantoncat, we now have the wonderful Putter Pouches added. These neat cell phone/money holders are awesome--a bit stretchy, has Putter's picture on the front and comes in Blue or Purple. An iphone 5 easily slips into the pouch. Check it out on the website! can still pre-register too. 

We had BOXES last night! We're ever so grateful.
Mary O/Merry_Marvin from CA--card, volunteer candy snacks, kitty snackers, sardines, tape gun and 4 rolls of refills, desk tape dispenser and 4 rolls of tape, orange kitty furry ball, 3 boxes of Papermate Pens. For Janet--sardines!
Connie S and Tookie--baby tunnel, 2 packages of crackers for Volunteers, case of Purrfectly Fish, tuna, 2 cans of Friskies, 2 PawPrint coupons, kitty snackers, and two cushie pillow covers.
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul canned food
Julie P/tigercat from IA--case of Purrfectly Chicken, 3 packages of Coil spring toys and a snacker bag that has LLysine in it! Also 2 BIG packages of paper towels and a case of TP
Catloverhere--18 jars of baby meat jars
Faith M--card.  For Janet--book "Make way for Ducklings", in memory of a Boston visit. 3 books for my grandkids to enjoy. Packing materials from bbmeg's ebay business, plus padded mailing envelopes, assorted types of mailing packing material, tubes, small boxes and a tape dispenser and refills. Meg is still thinking of us!
Sherry--for the Garden Basket for Catathon, seed starter, package of herbs, potting mix
Janet B--6 huge bottles of L-Lysine powder
Tara from OH--for me, a book "Tuesdays with Morrie". It's a wonderful book to read several times! 6 bags of kitty snackers. New cards for FFRC to send out--real cute music/hoops and yoyo ones!
JatCat--a Dell PC (extra thanks), plastic sheet protectors and 3 surge protectors
Roberta from Findlay, Day Visitor--cat snackers, bird feed, bird feeder, fresh catnip, thank you cards, Friskies cat food and a donation of a 5 tier Kuranda bed
Eric and Carrie/Lovemypets--Pate' cat food, dog food, boogie mat with catnip, lots of toys!, cat nip banana and cat treats 
Gusti--a PayPal donation for Kukster to cover a special Leggydew blankie and some of his painmeds.

We are so so hoping the cabinets/counters/cupboards come in today. If so, Dion says it'll just take 3-4 hours to install. 

The grass that was planted a week ago Sunday (needed from all the construction by the front sidewalk) is growing quickly! The sun helps and we've been watering it. 

We had a PetFinder report. The top 14 cats viewed were: Arden, Sara, Karena, Maui, Dove, Ratchet, Dahnay, Tabitha, Zelda, Polo, Snappy, Whisk, Keesha and Raza.

Today Gallant will have a few of his stitches out--this way we don't take them all out at the same time. His incisional area looks clean and healthy. We all have smiles about that wee Camvie! When her pen door is opened, she simply runs out. Doesn't seem to matter to her that there's "air" there. Usually she aims for an arm or shoulder, but today she just simply ran out. My hand was holding a plate of gruel, which she landed in! Still didn't bother her--she simply grabbed me and ran up to my shoulder! Her, Merlyn and Intrepid are such silly friends!

Kitty Q, Catsparella and Maui are doing great together. Kitty Q is a quiet girl, but so enjoys being petted. She loves to play now! Catsparella loves the sun and Maui is everyone's friend! These three calicos and baby Ginger are so nice.

Tabitha is a licker! Yep--she loves to lick skin! Face, arm, ankles--whatever! Such a nice cat. Our oldsters are doing great--all are feeling good and eating good. Who could ever resist Ada Jane's creaky meow or Magenta's silent stare? Not us! 

Remember too that in Round 7, the Big Ticket Items are a surprise! These items are guaranteed to be something you will love! 

Round #3, Laurel Burch Basket #2,  Basket #113

Round #4, Cat Home Decor, Basket #118

Pencil Etching Portrait of Zsa Zsa    Big Ticket Item #239   Round #5 and #6