Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday, June 18

Oh my goodness--they're nothing but blurs. Kittens here, there and everywhere. Running, sprinting and jumping. Won't be long until they crash and nap. Sometimes it's dangerous for us humans to walk--it's they who crash into us!! Right now, Patches is attacking Theo. Hankster is chasing Theo's tail at the same time. Bixley is dragging around that furry tail toy, growling at it like it's alive. Cozarelli is on the ledge--very wobbly, but is extremely happy as he is bird watching. Kiko and Judson are having a go at each other. So much action going on!

Gallant's surgery area looks wonderful. I took the drain sutures out on Sunday. Simply put--it looks awesome. Dr. Darcy did a great job. He still has many sutures at the site--those will stay put for days yet. He's still wearing his collar but we take it off often to give him a neck rub and back rub.

Little Camvie is doing great. She is still being syringe fed, but is willingly taking her formula now. She's so sweet. When we open the pen door, she immediately comes out and gets onto our shoulders. We sure do love this! Her friend, Merlyn has a pudgy round tummy. It's so nice to see these two babies playing together.

Little Intrepid is a dear. He tries so hard! Part of the time he still circles tight, part of the time he walks straight. So, each day is a tiny improvement. His leg, eye and forehead wounds are healing. Intrepid is eating better today--yesterday was a slack day. He gobbled up his breakfast!

Our new cat, Kukster is a truly remarkable cat. First, he's a loverbug. Cannot get enough petting. Secondly, even though that leg is fractured, he does not complain. This is such a true nature of a cat. Today he will be going to the vet's. First, an x-ray will be done. There's a probable 3 different options that may be taken, per our vet's phone call last night. One--pin in.  Two--a FHO (femeral head ostectomy). Third--an amputation. So, we will see what happens this morning. 

We also have Joline traveling with Kukster. She will be going in to have a dental done. When she arrived, she had some teeth barely hanging on which we were able to just touch and they fell out. Today she will have a dental to remove all teeth behind the canine teeth. She has severe stomatitits, which is so so uncomfortable. Removing these teeth has been shown to really help these cats feel better. I am happy for her, as she will feel so much better. She was on my lap today at the computer.

Rufus is now attacking the furry tail. It's bigger than he is, but he's the winner! Cutie is in her glory--giving many kittens wet baths. We have to laugh, as sometimes they come up with a wet head from her. 

We're keeping positive thoughts here. The counters, cupboards and cabinets are not yet in for the new Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room. We are so hoping they will be here on Thursday. It's cutting it close for them to be installed and everything organized before the Catathon, but that's ok. As long as they arrive. 

Catathon......here we come!  Just 5 more days! There's still time to pre-register. All the Big Ticket Items and Baskets are now up for your preview. Just go to our website fofrescue.org and see it all and pre-register. The pre-registration stops at noon on Saturday. During the Catathon, all names will go into a drawing for a special storybook that Canton has made about FFRC cats! One name per Basket Round will be drawn. I'm very grateful to all the people who have donated the items for our Catathon. 

Thanks to these people who recently donated to PayPal:
Patrick B--donation for FFRC
Isabelle L--donation for FFRC, to help with Kukster
Gusti--donation for Big Al's Happy Birthday! 

We are still having a bit of trouble getting the names of the cats that you are Sponsoring or the names of the Name a Future Cat. If the form does not allow you to send it, simply e-mail me! We'll match the names up to your name. Remember to visit Canton's website at catandninetails.com to see the running list of Future Names and the Sponsored cats. 

The YoYo afghan.  Big Ticket Item #230, in Round 5 and 6

Basket #116  Dog Basket   Round 3

Basket #134  Hello Kitty Basket  Round 6