Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday, June 8

Zip, zoom, bam, whoosh---that's what these kittens are all about. I know they wake up in the mornings thinking--"Well, what can we do today to keep the volunteers on their toes? Let's zoom around their feet and make them dance!" We are constantly watching where we put her feet as these little kittens don't care who is in their way! They just run and run. Yesterday, I saw two kittens running full speed, straight at me, so I just stopped. Did they skirt around me? No--they both bounced off my ankles. Kept right on going!

Putter had a wonderful birthday--presents at night, lots of backrubs during the day, being shown to the cam at least 5-6 times and special treats. He's such a wonderful cat and we all love him!

We had another Running of the Covies yesterday! Actually we like to let the Covies have a full day of play out on the farmyard twice weekly. They truly do have so much fun. They love visitors. Our overnighter visitors Jim and Debbie from Georgia enjoyed watching the cats come barreling out of the Cove to play. Connie D, the afternoon volunteer, got them all back in and accounted for.

Judson's favorite way to take a nap is upside down, flat out on his back! Walter is here on my desk--rubbing and rubbing my arms. Little Hank and Hankster know how to FLY out of their pen when the door is open. It takes them maybe 1/2 of a second to be out, as soon as the door is open! Pumpkin and Kiko are good friends and enjoy playing together.

Our Catsparella was spayed yesterday. She did great. Her kittens were glad to see her. Soon after her return, she was napping with all 7 babies snugged up close to her. So sweet. Kitty Q is no longer in June's Room. She's found out that Kitty Campus Room is a fun place to hang out and her two kittens find her when they're want some cuddling.

We had BOXES last night--thanks, thanks, thanks!
Brookebosses from OH--overnight visitor--case of keurig cups Apple Cider & Hot Chocolate, box of 50 snack size candy, 2 bags of Reeses Pieces, bag of Purina One Kitten, box of 24 pkts Whiskas, 2 bags of kitty snackers, bag of kitty toys, 2 feather ball toys, catnip fish toy
Caren F--3 kitty play cubes--kitties love these!
Schinn--for Mr. Putter FFRC Moss Birthday--a card, IOUS b-day card (backrub). Basket full of Putter goodies--case of appetizers, 5 cans of Fancy Feast, Happy Hips salmon with glucosomine
Hannah from IN--our special friend--For Putters B-day--card with a sweet note, beautiful love chain, Can cheese, snacker treats, case of Friskies variety. Hannah also wrote a story that we read.
Tigercat54/Julie from TN--Keurig cups: Variety of Breakfast teas, 50 hot cups with lids
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast Seafood Grilled, bag of Whiskas Dry, 4 bottles of antibacterial soap
Anonymous Friend--case of Huggies kitty wipes
From all the kitty babies to Ruthie Ann, Kitty Q and Catsparella--a thank you Mothers Day card
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Linda M from GA--donation and birthday card for Putter
Oilsandgirl--two 40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Judith M--donation in honor of Kiara and Putter's birthdays
Jatcat--bubble wrap, bubble mailers, 2 inch scotch tape--for the new Mail Room

Today is the 2nd day of our Concession Fundraiser for the Dance Recital. Last night went fine. Today we have two time slots (this morning and this evening). Sunday will be in the afternoon. Next Saturday, is our very big spay/neuter day. This Monday we will send a few more cats to College.

 Amish Basket for the Catathon