Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weds., June 12

Marching, marching marching closer to June 23, the Catathon! Are we ready yet? Nope!  Will we be ready?  Yep!  Are we looking forward to it?  You bet, big time!

We've been hearing about some upcoming bad weather for tonight. The weathermen/women have been calling it a Derecho Storm. But, we never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at us until it happens. But, we will be prepared as much as possible (minus a generator). Last year when we were hit with a Derecho storm, it was fierce, but we survived with much help from friends, volunteers and the community. Today we will make sure the office cats (Azar, Zavatar, Big Al) are inside. We'll put chairs away, take down the table umbrellas, be sure all farm water buckets are full, stock up on gallon water jugs today, etc.  Remember, if our electricity goes out, we also don't have water or land phones. But, keep in mind, whether we get bad weather or not, we'll be fine. We're a tough bunch here! If the cam goes down, it'll be ok. We'll get you up as soon as possible!

The 5 surgery kittens from college are now back--Kohart, Judson, EB, Bixby and Navi. They all did just fine and were retested for FIV/leukemia, microchipped, full fecal and lab work done and a physical. AP is still there. When Dr. Don brought the surgery kittens back, he then took Dahnay with him to college. Both AP and Dahnay will get full fecal and lab work done, x-rays, microchipped, physicals. They will be two nice cats for the students to practice their holding techniques.

Please remember to vote at   We are now in third place. The top 5 organizations will receive $1,000.  This is a short voting spree by The Animal Rescue Site.

Many thanks to:
Anna B--4 bags of scoopable litter
Beth/eaglewatcher--2 bags of scoopable litter
Joyce R from OH--donation to FFRC
Domingo F from Italy--donation to FFRC

Gallant will be spending the day at our vet's office. Dr. Darcy and Dr. Pettigrew will be evaluating him. When he first arrived at the end of December, the area that was burned was very very large. He has come a long long way.  the last little bit of healing is being stubborn--so off to the vets he goes. He will have surgery on this area which is about the size of a little finger. That section will be removed and the edges sewed together. Our hope and prayer is that the outer skin is tough enough to hold sutures. We are planning on getting Gallant back today. He'll probably spend the first night in June's Room.

Many of you have been asking me about a little kitten that is here. I normally do not mention cats or kittens until they have been tested, as you know. But, in this case, many of you already know as you've heard us talking. Yes, there is a little kitten in Thumper's Room. This little one, a female, arrived after someone found it in her yard--no mama, no siblings. Her name is Camvie. Know what that's for? Cam Viewers! Please keep in mind, she is not tested yet. The reason? so very thin, was so very dehydrated. She felt like a piece of paper when I picked her up. She's just today starting to take the syringe better. Fluids have been given to her daily. She's snug on a heater and pink blankies. She's a love but has a long way to go.

Please remember to pre-register for the Catathon! Simply go to our website  All of you who pre-register will have your name in a drawing and receive a very special booklet made by Cantoncat about some of the FFRC cats. Less than a dozen of these stories are printed and YOU could be a lucky winner. The winners will be drawn at each basket round of the catathon!

Please also check out the $28 and under items for the Catathon! You can order these items now. All packages will be sent out right away after the Catathon is over. The site is:   Lots of fun items and cool stuff!

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