Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, June 14

Who is crying? Where is that crying coming from? Yesterday there was a constant meowing of all sorts. We located the sound and found 4 kittens had climbed up the pole in the front office. They were looking over the edge, so pitifully. Couldn't figure out how to get down. Had to get a chair and get them down. It wasn't but 15 minutes later, they were up there again! So this time, we showed them how to get down--shelf by shelf so they could then jump on a desk. Now it's a game, climb up, jump down and do it again! We have such smart kitties!

Our little Camvie girl spent the night with the volunteer Peggy S. Hopefully today we can get enough blood to do that Fel. Leukemia/FIV test. Such a little sweeie. She's enjoying all the attention.

We also took in a new kitten last night. After being injured he was taken to our vets office. They thought his injuries were from a blunt force or a hit by car. His front right leg was opened quite dramatically and required staples to be put in. This little guy is about 10 weeks, but is a feather weight. So thin. He also has wounds to his head and eye. Unfortunately, he appears to be blind. We also have our suspicions that he is deaf. The blindness and deafness can possibly resolve by itself as the swelling goes down in his head. We syringe fed him at first, but this morning he started eating by himself! He can walk, but in very tight left handed circles. Hopefully all will come together with him as he heals.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks to you.
Swankitty & Ron--For Billypogo (Gallants future dad) Book: Complete book of home remedies for your cat" and a card. For Gallant: long legged toy, jingle mice toys, cat snackers and 2 containers of Appetizers
PhilCleoNJ--case ofIndoor Adventure snackers
Patricia K from NY--a beautiful Passion Purple crocheted afghan (truly a beautiful piece of work)
Arden and Charmaine--4 cases of Fancy Feast, 4 cases of Friskies
Betz--thank you card, donation for Cutie and friends
Conii G from FL--card and donation to FFRC
Colleen P from CA--coupons
Neil--special letter and a donation for FFRC (thoroughly enjoyed your letter, Knee, errr, I mean Neil!)
JoAnn C--case of underpads for the kitties

Gallant is doing wonderful. His incisional area is a bit less swollen today. We've taken his collar off a few times to give him a back rub and neck rub, which he loves even more than food!!

I need to pass on this information. Very sadly, we lost one of our babies yesterday. Our sweet little Meg passed away. As many of you may know, she hasn't been feeling good this past week. What caused this? Sometimes we don't know. Sometimes it's labeled "failure to thrive". Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair. But, we loved her--that is the important thing. She was also loved by her mama-to-be too. Meg stopped eating about a week ago. We have been syringe feeding her but it's been difficult as she really didn't want us to feed her. Then she clamped her mouth shut and refused to let us feed her at all. She passed away snugged up to her mama, Catsparella. Thank you for loving her and caring. These are indeed the things that make rescue work so hard.

Camvie is negative! Camvie is negative! Peggy just brought her back, her fluid volume is up enough to get blood and she passed! Yeah! Now, on to getting her healthier. Her right eye is not healthy, but we're working on it. She also has a friend, which will be good for both kittens. The other kitten is a newbie, just came in this morning. He's white, male and has a couple grey splotches on his head. His name is Merlyn. He is a castoff at a trailer court. He also has eye issues, but we've already started working on that also.

Surgery is tomorrow! We had a weigh in yesterday. The rough draft of surgery kittens are--
Females: Ginger, Pumpkin, Calidora, Jemison, Zsa Zsa, Tatiana, Danika, Temba, Courbet
Males: Caliboo, Bix, Remison, Vincent, Theo, Judson, Whobe, Rufus, Kohart, Kiko
These are the probable kitties. Will be a busy day. Thanks to Joyce for the upcoming Pizza lunch.

Bird/Garden Basket #105

Laurel Birch Basket  #109