Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday, May 31

Solee is a graceful gazelle--at least that's what I tell her! She can walk and run by leaps and bounds. I've never seen a cat that has such springy legs. Love to watch her. I truly think that she enjoys this activity!

The seven kittens in Dodger's Pen have become fast friends. These are the 2 kittens and 5 kittens. Talk about a pen that can rock and roll and that would be Dodger's Pen. They had about an hour to play in Kitty Kabana Room yesterday and they loved it. They will all be named soon!

I am becoming very good at being a one-handed typer, as AP demands much attention in the morning. She can't sit still, but has to rub and rub and rub, in constant motion. What a love she is.

We had a very heavy rain yesterday along with some wind that also caused our electric to go out for a little bit. You all were very patient about the cam! It's predicted for some heavy storms again today and tomorrow, so if the cam goes down, that's why. Remember too, on Monday the entire house will be down for 1 1/2 to 2 hours due to electrical work for the new rooms. 

The 7 kittens in the lower two pens in Thumper's Room are also doing very well. So so sweet. They are also spinning their wheels in big play mode. Today, we will probably move these kittens into the Kabana Room also for some playtime. Names will be happening soon!

We had BOXES last night. I'm ever so grateful to you. 
Annette B--bag of Royal Canin baby cat dry, Bag of Hills Ideal Balance for Kittens and a Kong Denim toy
Anonymous Friend--a memory stone engraved with: Little blackJack.  Fly with the Angels Little One... This will go into Albert's Memorial Garden today. Thank you.
Arden & Charmaine--4 cans of KMR liquid
Mayumi from Japan--packages ofsuper soft tissues in cute animal packs, 10 packages of Tulle and 2 packages of Chicken Bondi Licks
Lannmn--2 cases of liquid KMR
Leggygal--12 cans of liquid KMR and SIX (yes, SIX) boxes of Leggydew blankies!! We're all smiling about this!
Ladydoc/Irene--2 teddybear quilts/wall hangings--very pretty  One pink/purple tones and one blue/purple tones
Furkitty/Ellen from FL--24 jars of baby food meat
Tom & Gillian from UK--beautiful hand made baby cap and a white baby sweater for Catathon's baby basket
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--8 cans of KMR, bag of Royal Canin Baby cat and a case of Royal Canine baby cans
Sandra D from WV--donation for FFRC and paw points from Fresh Step Litter
Janice & Don H, day visitors--litter, Friskies, Paper plates, sponges, bleach, vinegar, snackers, clorox wipes, paper towels 
MisFitTiger & Bob from Anderson, IN, day visitors--blankies!
Judy T from British Columbia--Kitty/dog card with donation, Peace rock in memory of BlackJack. Books: Unlikely Friendships, Dewey's Nine Lives, Cat Talk, Hoping for a Home and two other books for the baby Catathon baskets. Kitty toys--wands, pom poms, spring toys, lasers with batteries, mousies, 2 pet houses. 2 sheets of stickers, lots of doggie toys for Dog Catathon basket, 2 book marks, mini book light, 500 piece puzzle Cobble Hill, 4 butterfly led lights that flicker, 2 Dream Catchers with wolf pictures

We always also appreciate our PayPal friends.
Adrienne N from UK--donation for FFRC
Arden and Charmaine--donation for new calico kitten (Pixel)
Gusti from Germany--donation to help with Gallants treatments, with love
Faith M--in memory of Spike, a good friends' 18 year old cat who passed away. 

The last coat on the floor in the Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room continues to dry. I'm wanting so badly to get us moving in, but patience is a key here! We shall wait. 

Depending on the weather, the Covies may get another day out on the farm. They've been asking! Big Al has reverted back (for the most part) of being a Porchie again! We thought he may do this once the weather improved. His ear still looks wonderful. 

Joline's fur is growing in! Cuties fur is also growing back. A comment was made today that it sure looks like Joyful has become the queen of the Welcome Room office--she's quite comfortable there and seems to be giving in to a few pets here and there from visitors!  June 15 is our next surgery date.

The best toy ever--crinkle UPS paper!