Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday, May 19

Can't let this day go without a blog of thanks! We had our Day Sale yesterday. This was the last Day Sale until after Catathon and it was a doozy! ALL the items that we show are things donated by YOU, the viewers and supporters. I am so appreciative of this. We already started last night to pack up orders so we can get them sent on their way. Everything we showed, was sold. I am so so thankful for this. I appreciate your support. It's fast, helps FFRC, makes us laugh and have a good time and I believe also to pull us together as a group! I also thank the moderators, and the volunteers here who helped: Angie, Amy, Dawn and Sylvia. Thanks too to Joyce for providing the pizza! Wow--what a great day it was. As the orders start going out, if you should find an error, please don't hesitate to let me know.

We also completed the weekend's 24 hour cat drawer/bed auction. We had some winners! Thank you!
Bed A          Twkitty/Terri W                    $65
Bed B           Wonderteach/Grace S-R        $55
Bed C           Maddysnana/Teri                  $103
Bed D          Loon2/Kelly PN                    $55
Bed E           Zab8/Isabelle L                     $60
Bed F           Missmic/Susan B                  $57
Bed G           a lurker/Lynn S                    $75
Janet/Janak topped off the amount with $30, to make an even $500. Gusti from Germany also added to the fund to cover the shipping for everyone--no one has to pay for mailing! Thanks Janet and Gusti!

We will have one more 24 hour auction--this time FOUR wonderful afghans, each donated by a viewer. This will be Friday 6 pm (FFRC time) to 6 pm on Saturday. This will then be the last auction until sometime after the Catathon! They are beautiful!

I've been asked alot about when the spring FFRC t-shirts will be arriving. Hang onto your shirts--they are coming!! Had to say that, you know! But, they are already ordered, will be here about 3 weeks before the Catathon and will go up for sale with all the other items that will be available for pre-order 2 weeks before the Catathon. There's two colors--a warm grey and a teal. Both nice colors.

Tomorrow we have special visitors arriving clear from Cannda. These are the folks I mentioned last week. They will be sorting out 4 cats to take home with them to be their forever cats! I'm very excited about this. Two on their list already is Jannuka and Montana. Who will the other two be? Excitement builds as we wait for the answer!

The little five kittens in Thumper's Room are doing wonderful. Busy, busy little ones. They love playing on the floor. The six kittens in Dodger's Pen are now out most of the day. Yes, they're tiny, but they're mighty! Here, there and everywhere. It's so sweet though, when it's nap time, how they find each other and cuddle up to make one big black, brown and grey ball of fur! The 13 that feeds in Kitty Campus Room are all doing great. Little BlackJack is getting braver and more confident. I think EB has helped with that! Such purrable kittens!

That little Pumpkin is so funny. She's one of Kitty Q's kittens. When we go into their room, out the door she zips. She's barely a one pounder, but she's got spunk! Ginger usually is looking at her with an expression of--stop all that ramming around and come take a nappy with me! Both these kittens purr just by looking at them!

Walter--that boy can sure melt my heart, especially in the early morning and late in the evening. He cannot get enough loving then. He'll rub, purr, rub every bit of you he can touch--just a doll. Then when he gets wound up, watch up--his energy level is super high! But, bit by bit I do believe he is getting better around the tiny kittens. We are keeping a sharp eye on him.