Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday, April 10

Kitty Shuffle Walk is definitely a must here. There's kittens everywhere, so we must be careful where we walk. It's wonderful to just stop, look and watch these kittens play--they sure know how to enjoy life. They enjoy each other and have so much fun. It's nice to see how they can be friends with all.

We had BOXES last night. I am ever so grateful for your help.
Laura/Medic101--case of Fancy Feast can
PhilnCleoNJ--case of Adventure kitty snackers
Annette20 and Alexandria & Princess--Happy Mothers Day card, Boudins of San Francisco: 2 loaves of sourdough bread, Ghiradelli chocolates, Italian dry salami, Boudins tote bag and 2 chunks of cheese. We've already been sampling--delicious!
Joyce R from OH--bubble gum for Judy S, assorted candy for volunteers, Reeses for Jacci, feather toy for Derecho, 7 bags kitty snackers, 2 doggie snacker bags, case of Fancy Feast chicken and 3 bags of poptabs for Kellen
ColoEagle61/Kim C from CO--Decorah Eagle card, box of Sheba for Magenta, 12 containers Meow Toppers, 18 bags kitty snackers, 4 beautiful cross stitched pillow pads for the Kuranda towers
Conii G for the Catathon--Laurel Burch items! a Feline Friends Tablet Cover, silk art sun & sand, umbrella, purse with hearts and a purse with kitties.  Beautiful! (Rainbow cats design & Crimson Cats design)
Barbara B from OR for the Catathon--card, necklace with Putter pendant, necklace with FFRC logo pendant and a beautiful blue simple necklace
Karen B from OH--Chief tapes
Deb B from GA--donation for Tree of Giving for Darby
Ellen/kikimycat--happy birthday card for Azar with a poem
Doria S/wickedwings from PA and Shadow & Thunder--Mothers Day card
Kitties of FFRC sent a kitty Mothers Day card
FFRC residents, porchies, coves and barnies sent a kitty Mothers Day card
Melissa W/nalamina--Mothers Day card

Yesterday, Dion was here to work in the two new rooms. He was able to get two coats on the entire ceiling and the walls of the furnace room! Today he is here and has already unloaded 40 panels of the vinyl wall panels. So exciting--progress is being made.

Doce is coming back today. His little bum is having trouble again. He's went 2 weeks with no trouble at all, but 2-3 days ago started up with his bottom/potty woes. We'll get him back on the laser treatment and have him checked tomorrow by Dr. Darcy. 

Our 6 little kittens are out more and more. They are so small though, but they're strong and sturdy and absolutely loves to play! Both of Kitty Q's kittens--Ginger and Pumpkin--are starting to toddle about more. Today they actually ate a little from the plate! Catsparella still keeps her kittens in their nest. 

EB is a toughie--he can keep up with the older kittens and he loves to play with them. I saw him yesterday looking and looking at Jemison's tail. He rushed out, batted her tail, then dodged back under the flower! Not so brave, but oh so cute. 

Uncle Eric to the rescue....again! We had quite a day with the mama torti cat. She decided that all cats were out to get her babies and turned into a very upset mama. Now, I know this is natural and a wonderful protective thing for the kittens. But, she is a danger to the other cats and in a way, to humans. She zipped out of her pen and the room several times yesterday and tore into any cat that was in the office. A person got in the middle of it and got scratched. Human and cat safety is big to me, so after much thought, I called Uncle Eric and he said he could help again. He's our "go to guy" when we have these difficult cases. He lives not far from here and can devote many hours to the care of whatever we send to him. He has an awesome set up (and a fabulous wrap around enclosed porch) that he can use for our cats. I would like to have had her stay one more week with the kittens but the chance of someone or a cat getting hurt was very high. So, she is safe and doing fine and her kittens will be taken care of here. We have been asked, why not send her kittens with her. The answer is simple--her hissing, restless ways were starting to be passed to the kittens. We don't want that. Now they will be able to grow up to be cuddle-cats. 

Gallants burn is almost done healing! He is still getting his laser treatments. Zelda had a course of laser treatments and I have not seen her limp for about a week! Asha is so funny when Judy S comes--she runs to her and asks to be groomed. Dovie girl has been sharing her cushie bed with the kittens. Cozarelli is sound asleep on top of a stack of pillows--about 2 feet high. He got up there by himself! 

Tomorrow is surgery day. It will be a very busy morning and early afternoon. We'll keep you posted as the day goes on.

Happy Catsparella mama and happy kittens. 
Kitty Q & Babies