Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday, May 13

Only 41 more days until our 3rd Catathon! That time will fly and we have an enormous amount of work to do before this event. Please remember if you would like to send a basket or items for an existing basket, have your donation reach us by May 20th. We know that's early, but we need toe establish the Baskets and the Big Ticket Items, then take pictures of them, get them into the Flickr page and then show them to you! The Catathon is June 23, from 1:00 to 4:30 ish. Lots of fun, lots of bidding, fun entertainment! This is our big fundraiser to our present building fund. 

We had BOXES on Saturday night. Many thanks to you!
Furkitty/Ellen & Cthouze/Pat from FL with Tori, Bobbie, Maggie, Tux, Rafa, MamaWy, Sadie, Dixie, GT, Scooter and Louie the doggie--Bag for Kelly with a Froggie Quillow, Frog bib and hats with gowns to match for Molly baby. Bag for Connie--chicken quillow. For FFRC--3 quillows (for day sale), feather toy and a stack of washcloths
Mudjie--6 kitty pads (beautiful!)
Heather H from MN with Elvis, Lucy, Autumn, Fire Cracker, Macaroni--2 BIG kitty balls, fleece blankies that Heather made and 6 mousie toys
Joanne H/jo91150--For the Catathon: a big basket for a pet bunny. It's really wonderful and filled with many things a bunny would LOVE. Raspberry twigs, jumbo willow ball, bunny scissors, alfalfa pillow, coconut mat, bunny apron, bun bon bon box, bunnie book, etc
Anonymouse Friend--For FFRC: 4 towels, magnetic clips, tiger scissors, bag of first aide items, Judy & Amy treats, volunteer snackers, doggie treatsChenille toys, laser mouse. For the Catathon: ladies robe, slippers, wine glasses, wine opener, white towel, bath mat, candle, pumice stone Gud products. For the Catathon too: a kitty basket stuffed with lots of things--bag of balls, large rat, laser mouse, grooming brush, toys, 2 black/pink food bowls. For the Catathon for Kids basket: 2 light up balls, Hello Kitty computer mouse.
Patricia Y/S--donation thru PayPal
Lawrence G--donation thru PayPal
James & Charlene P from MS--donation for FFRC
PSW--donation to celebrating Sprints adoption
Deb11111--donation thru PayPal to help with Joline's care
Jackie B--donation to help with the care of FFRC
Please, if I ever miss a donation or put something down incorrectly, don't hesitate to e-mail me about it. I would want to make it right.

We also closed another auction time for the second round of cat drawerbeds. Many thanks to Joni and Angie for your artwork and hard work on these drawerbeds. Thanks too for the 100 bids that were put in by 20 different viewers! The top bidders were:
Drawerbed A       $160        Hencass
                 B       $100        Phil&Cleo (given to FFRC, already occupied by Bella & kits!)
                 C       $ 68        Chitchatcat   
                 D       $105       Hencass
                 E       $ 83         Zab88
                 F       $140        jbr6109
This comes to a total of $656. Thanks too to MsNiceinVA who donated $200 to go towards the shipping of these drawerbeds. Wait until you see the next set of them! 

Our guests, Darlene and her son Jonathon from Canada will be leaving us today. Yesterday they fed the Thumper Room kittens for us twice! Also yesterday, Janet went back to New Zealand. Don't worry though--she'll be back in June! 

There's a beautiful calico cat here in the office eating and eating her's Joline! She is sure enjoying her meals now and it's such a joy to see.  Joyful has taken over Lynnette's chair in the front office. She is in charge of the desk! BlackJack is on my lap--he's settling in nicely and isn't nearly as worried about life as he was when he first came in.

Meals take a while to prepare here. Many of the small kittens need help. There's a lot of them that still need "topped off" with a syringe. The 5 in the Thumper's Room are still relying heavily on being syringe fed, but the 6 in Dodger's Pen are doing real well by themselves now. We've been letting them out on the floor to play--they cause quite a bit of action!

All the cats and kittens that had surgery on Saturday are doing just fine. Complete recovery. Would hardly know except for shaved areas that they even had surgery! I do believe Kitty Q feels better too. She was chirping and wanting to be petted again this morning. The kittens have another Pirate Ship to play with and have certainly been rocking the boat! 

This Saturday at 11:00 am (FFRC time) will be our next Day Sale. We have lots of things to show you. There will be Mike's CD's (exclusive FFRC songs!), more quillows, leggydew and Angie/Connie too blankies, catnip mats, special china teacups, lots more! Come join the fun!

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