Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday, May 21

Wonderful day coming up! We have FIVE adoptions today to our awesome new cat mama/dad from Canada. These folks are wonderful, love the cats and spent much time deciding which cats were going to be their forever babies. They will be leaving today to go back to their home in Canada, which is just a 5 hour drive for them. They will be taking with them: Montana (who follows them around like he's known them forever), Jannuka (who was picked out before they even arrived), Haylow (who licked and licked them yesterday), Abner (will be a friend for Jannuka) and Spruce (who they fell in love with and couldn't leave. He's also a good friend of Montana's.). I'm so happy about these adoptions--they are going into a happy, solid home that has much love to offer these cats. Thanks to Brent and Jenny.

We had BOXES last night! Wow--wonderful items, we have lots of thanks to give!
Wanda--a hand sketched framed picture of Putter that is just stunning. It will be a big ticket item in the Catathon.
Phil&Cleo--case of 9 lives and a blue plush soft bed for Derecho's birthday. 
Karen/electickatz--For catathon: garden basket--weed barrier, 2 pair of garden gloves. For other catathon baskets: color & activity books, dry erase crayons/markers, red kitchen utensils, scissors, 2 hair bows, 2 containers of wide sidewalk chalk, 5 boxes of colored pencils
Mary M from LA--For the Catathon--2 awesome Disney watches (Cinderella & Pooh), for Jacck--kitty clock and gift for Connie.
Tom P from NJ and kitties Buddy and Ashley--pop tabs for Kellen and a nice card
Sandra A/Tazmon--laser ink cartridge (thanks--will use in Mail Room), potty bags, 2 plastic containers FULL of Fancy Feast cans
Anonymous Friend--6 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Wendi B/Wendilin--For the Catathon: cat on a Fence afghan (blue, gray, white & black), pink softy blanket. For Christmas basket: hot pads. Gift for Kelly's babies. 2 beds for Kitty Kabana, box of puffs kleenex, post it notes, 5 large magnetic clips
Linda S--case of baby food
Tigercat--case of Tiki cat, case of Fancy Feast and 2 boxes of Keurig tea
Oilsandgirl/Sheila H--2 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 case of Appetizers
Stitches72/Amy D from PA--For the Catathon: lots and lots of avon items for the Catathon, plus poster paint set, puzzles, stickers, flash cards, notebooks, rulers, folders, flash cards
Joyce R--beautiful handpainted framed picture of 5 kittens for the Catathon
Sylvia/gentlesong (week visitor)--2 bags of pop tabs for Kellen, kitty snackers, doggie snackers, case of friskies gravy sensations
Conii G from FL and kitties Madissyn & Elliott--Avonde card, 3 hooded cat beds, orange crate bed, big orange mat, 4 small kitty bed pads. For the Catathon: Laurel Burch items--lots of them that will make awesome Catathon baskets! Cat bed, kitty food/water bowls, place mats, t-shirt, crinkle tube, more toys, collars, cosmetic bag, night shirt, cat carrier. For Derecho--feather toys. For the rescue center--Yeooow bananas, toys, rainbows. For the volunteers: licorice, hersheys chocolates, 2 kitten scratchers and salmon snackers
DawnO from OR--card and 2 Disney Gift cards for the Catathon!

Many thanks too, for these PayPal donations--
Elskates/Eleanor--donation in memory of her precious Tiffany who passed away. Kisses given to Zsa Zsa who reminds her of Tiffany.
Gusti from Germany--donation in honor of Big Al's happy birthday! 

Construction is gearing up again and we have lots going on this week. Yesterday, the last of the lights were put up in Thumper's Room. The window trim boards and some of the door trims were put up. Today, the last of the window trim boards will be put on then we need to get busy painting so the painting job is done before the floor guys come on Thusday. Also today the archway going from the Thumper's Room to connect with the new part of Thumper's Room will be cut out. That means we will need to move the 5 kittens out of there at least for the day. When the guys start the new floor on Thursday, we will not be able to use Thumper's Room at all for days. What a lot of stuff!! 

Also on Thursday or Friday, the Amish crew will come in and we'll finally get our sidewalks in! I am so excited about this. They will form the sidewalk in the front going by the Kitty Kabana Room to the front house porch and the sidewalk going from the driveway to Cat's Cove. We've been waiting so long for this! The walks will be formed and poured all in one day. Or so the plan goes!

Caryn's 3 cats will be here yet until tomorrow. They are Ebbe, Volle and Doce. Their construction time  at their home has been extended, but Wednesday looks like their Go Home Date.

We are starting to intermingle the two mamas, Kitty Q and Catsparella into the rescue center again. It's time to start slowly but surely re-introducing them. Once their "mommy-ness mode" rubs off a bit, I do believe they will both be just fine. 

Gallant just strutted by, with his usual swagger. He has his collar back on part time as he decided it was fun to lick again. His wound is just about gone--just that last stretch left to heal. What a long journey this has been for him. Dovie loves to lay on the Kabana window sills just sleepily staring outside. She seems so contented. Cutie was on the big poof yesterday with 2 kittens, giving each a thorough bath! 

Timothy, a Covie cat. What an awesome cat--so sweet and friendly!