Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday, May 26

Water, water everywhere! We put down the water fountain yesterday. At first, all was fine--nice police licks. Then I had to move it--put it by the back of the yellow table. Came out and wow--water was all over. Now, I KNOW they are very sorry, as they said so, but it went everywhere! Oh well, that's part of the fun of having a fountain--lick, splash, lick, fish out the water, maybe lick, maybe even take the top off, etc.!  They always know how to have fun! I did end up taking it in overnight for Putter! He loved it. He sat there and licked and licked, never splashed a drop out--just like a polite cat! He said he would be happy to share it with those younguns.

The door to Dodger's Pen is now open. If AP wants to come out, she can. She's been thinking about it. We have also had Kitty Q out a lot yesterday and for the most part, she's doing great. It's tough when you're a mama cat, to allow other cats around your babies, but she is relaxing more and more about this. She's a chirper!

The morning birds are chirping out the Kitty Kabana windows--sure is calling the attention of the cats. There are 9 cats on the window shelves. They sure do love those low window shelves!

Thanks to the following for your support:
Vaunita S/vrs1cat--donation to FFRC, in memory of her Simon cat.
Arden & Charmaine B from IN--donation in honor of Steve's and my anniversary--extra thanks!
Beth A--donation to FFRC, in honor of Steve's and my anniversary--use wherever you choose--extra thanks!

We finished our 24 hour Afghan Sale last night! This was the last Auction until a while after the Catathon. We had four afghans up on the block and all 4 were bid on! Afghan A (pink, made by Lkohv) was won by Conii G who then donated it back to FFRC, to be used at the Catathon! Afghan B (multi colors, made by Cash Maine) was won by Pfkat. Afghan C (brown/tan, made by LKohv) was won by AbbyTabbysMama. Afghan D (wave multi color, made by Erin) was won by Madisonpepper. Many thanks to all who participated in this fun sale! We had 63 bids, placed by approximately 29 bidders. The amount of money raised by these four afghans was $542.  Wow!

In two weeks, is the Dance Recital here in Defiance. It's a wonderful event. FFRC has, for a few years, ran the concession stand before the recital, during it, for the intermission and afterwards. It's a busy event for us. We got all the supplies needed yesterday. Planning is very much underway.

Calidora was trying her best yesterday to drag a peacock feather around. It wasn't working so good. It's hard to pull a feather, with 3 kittens sitting on it. So...........she gave up and just started chewing on it. They can make their own fun! We've been having lots of kitty piles around. It amazes me--these kittens can be playing full steam ahead and then they crash into a furry pile of warmness that induces sleep.

Yeah--AP made it out of her Dodger's Pen, all by herself. As Bonnie says--she sure has alot to say! Yes, that's right. Grumble, grumble, but she's not striking out at all, just "talking". It may take her a few days, but I'm betting on AP! She's another one that chirps at people!

We'll be talking more about the upcoming Catathon and showing you the Baskets, Big Ticket Items and the items (with a set price) that are $28 and under, some as low as $6 and $8. We aim to please!

This was Pumpkin as a teeny weeny baby. You can already tell this little one has spunk! Her mama is awesome too! Ginger is behind Pumpkin, just barely showing.
Kitty Q, Ginger & Pumpkin