Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weds., May 22

It happened! All five cats, Montana, Spruce, Haylow, Jannuka and Abner are now in Canada with their new mama and dad. I've heard from them already and they had a safe trip back home. Montana and Haylow were already cruising up and down the stairway investigating. Jannuka and Abner were playing on the track wheel. Spruce was taking it easy yet and had not left the crate yet. But, by now I'm sure he has! These 5 cats will be on the high end of a loving, caring home. I'm so glad for them and their new family. 

We were back in the dust mode yesterday. The window and door was cut into the existing Thumper's Room! Dusty progress made! Last night, we spackled all the nail holes in the window frames and started painting them. Our goal is to get the window frames and door frames all painted today. Just found out right now that the sidewalks will be formed and poured today! How exciting!

I'd like to say a special thought to our cyber friends in Oklahoma. Our hearts here are with you there. Prayers for you all and your family and friends.

I would like to tell you about our little BlackJack. Most of you don't realize, but he became very ill two days ago. He was whisked into Thumper's Room where meds were immediately given. His heart was not functioning properly and he passed away very shortly afterwards. This little fella has broken my heart. Such a little baby, didn't hardly have a chance. He was born into a world (an abandoned house) where there were no humans to give alot of support to his mama and siblings. I'm glad he was here, even though for not very long. 

I am at the point now of begging people to spay/neuter their pets. This is always the hardest time of year for me. There are not enough homes for all the births that are happening every day. These kittens are not asking to be born into a world where there is no one to love or hold them. Please, reach out to an outside cat, and take it to the vet's office and get the spay/neuter done. You will know in your heart that you have saved some lives. 

There are 6 cats with their paws on the glass pane of the door, watching Dion outside working. He's making noise that is very interesting to them. Whiskers forward, ears up, eyes big! Any more interest and we'll have to put a hammer in their little paws and tell them to get to work.

Yesterday, the 5 little ones from Thumper's Room were up here in Dodger's Pen to romp. Wow--the action they cause can shake a pen! So sweet. Becky has been coming in the evenings to top their tummies off. The 6 group, the 5 group are doing much better. The 3 smallest ones of Catsparella are chunking up a bit too. 

The Covies are doing great. We've been letting them out on the farmyard on Fridays and one other day of the week. They sure do love to cruise about. I believe we have the tick problem under control now by using Frontline. The Porchies are also doing good. They love all the summer chairs and tables that are out. I do believe they think they are out just for them! 

Yep--a regular reptile visitor here at FFRC. They all get along together.