Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29

Epoxy today, urethane tomorrow--that's the order of business for the new floor being put in. It's always a week long process, but it's a forever floor, so patience is in order! The floor guys are here right now. One of their "battles" today is to keep the cottonwood puffs from going inside the new rooms while the epoxy is being put down. We have a very large grove of cottonwood trees here on the farm property and they are in full puff stage! Pretty, but annoying if they get inside the new rooms.

As many of you might know, Abbott was sick for a few days. He truly seems to be better this morning. He ate a little by himself and then was topped off with a syringe. But this morning, he was walking around with his tail up, his eyes bright and meowing--a sure of feeling better! What a relief. When one is sick, there is always cause for concern--for the sickee one and with the thought of--is anyone else going to get sick. But, all seems to be well here and I'm always grateful for healthy kittens.
But, on the other hand, that's what we do here--help those that are sick. So come what may, we will tackle it.

Many thanks to JBR for your PayPal donation for a new stethoscope of the extended Thumper's Room. Sure do appreciate this! Also thanks to DebbiDear for your donation, in honor of your 60th birthday! So very kind of you and Happy Birthday to you!

Asyou might know, we've been having a bit of trouble on Zazzle with Derecho being Superman D on items such as shirts, mugs, etc. Apparently the design is a direct knock off of a superman promotional shot, so we are trying to rework the artwork a little to change it up so it will be acceptable to Zazzle. We're working on the problem because many of you are wanting to place a Super-D order!

We took in 7 new kittens yesterday. They have now been tested, bathed, vaccinated, wormed and loved on. Two of them came from a past volunteer's mom. They are both miniature Abbotts, so they are cute, cute, cute! They are two girls, long hair black tigers. Their names are Melia (meal ee a) and Malia (may lee a). Their names are in honor of the lady who brought them in. She found them on her property. First, one kitten at night, the other in the early morning hours. No mama, no other siblings.

The other five kittens are just a tad bit older. They are very sweet. One is a deep red/orange male, another one is a beige/white male, 2 are slate grey males and the fifth is a girl--a dilute calico. So one looks alot like Ginger, two looks alot like Cariboo and one looks like Danika. All 7 of these kittens are now in Dodger's Pen, so they can see humans.  They're sweet, but need a little humanizing. So much play time and fun to watch them. We've made three levels of fun for them in Dodger's Pen.

Gallant's sore is looking good--it's so so thin now, which is what we wanted. I just talked to the vet again yesterday. She's still of the thought to keep trying without surgery to close this up by itself. So, we've added saline packs to his treatment plan. Twice a day he'll get warm saline packs, then wrapped on to stay for a while. Laser treatments of course will continue. Remember, there's a group of vets that thought we would never ever get this far in his healing without surgery. We really want to finish up this last bit of healing without going the surgery route. He is such an awesome cat.

That little Weeja--what a love she is. Just so sweet and will make someone very happy when she's adopted. All are in their "assigned" places this morning--Zelda and Farrah stretched out on the desk, Asha sleeping right beside the desk, with Raza directly above her and AP on the right side of desk, on top of autoclave. All is right with the cat world!

Happy Birthday, Tabitha. She is one years old today and arrived here when she was just 5 weeks old. She needs a home where she can play and be loved on. Tabitha was found in that drainage pipe that was full of wate last June, along with the rest of the litter. The siblings have been adopted. She's a beauty--a black/white with 2 tone ears.

Just an FYI--on Monday, around 8:00 or 8:30am, the power will be turned off to the entire rescue center and house. This is so the electric guys can hook up the new lines to furnish electricity to the new two rooms. It may take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. There's also the possibility of it going off sometime yet this week. Don't worry--as soon as it's back on, we'll get the cam on!

On Sunday evening or Monday, Pushkins and Pushkiss will be heading to Maine to their new family. These are two awesome cats--both so sweet and lovable. Derecho has found the perfect spot to lay in Kitty Kabana Room--on the window shelf and in the window ledge! The shelf keeps him nice and snug so he can stay there without worrying about slipping off.

Sweet mama Ruthie Ann and her daughter, Sarah.